Mar 26, 2013


I finally got the videos from the hotel pool to upload correctly to You Tube.  You can find them by clicking on and selecting the two videos labeled 'Forth Worth Pool' ~ clever title, huh?

Mar 22, 2013

Fort Worth: More of Day 2 after the museum, we headed about 20 miles east to Grapevine Mills Mall.  It worked out great because the Riley actually fell asleep this time on the car ride and took a nap.

We hadn't originally planned to go there, but a friend mentioned it was a neat place, and Gavin saw a brochure for Legoland, so we decided to squeeze it in.  Plus, I really thought the kids would love Rainforest Cafe for dinner.  Turns out, it wasn't exactly the best choice to head there!

Legoland was really crowded.  And really expensive!  But, Gavin was so excited to go.  So, we did it.  We were shuffled into this small little waiting area where we had to wait for our turn to enter.  There was a life size Lego boy that Gavin thought was really cool!

So, remember Miss Independent we talked about yesterday.  Well, she didn't want us to hold her while we were waiting to go in, and wanted to explore the Lego boy, too.  Fine, except for the tall man that turned around and started walking without looking where he was going and completely trampled Riley.  He knocked her right over and scared her to death.  And that began the downfall of our trip.  Because once that happened, Riley wouldn't let us put her down.  She was super clingy and crying on and off.  :(

Gavin got to go on his first 'ride/roller coaster' with Daddy to save the princess as we entered the facility.  He thought that was pretty cool.  But, it turns out that was pretty much the only ride/play area that he was tall enough to enter.  There were people e.v.e.r.y.where.  It was a madhouse.  Gavin went us to go down the only other slide he could go down, which of course then Riley wanted to follow him.  But she wouldn't go down, and bigger kids were up there trying to move her out of the way...  She finally went down and completely got turned around, hit her head, and started crying again.  At that point, Jarrod just took her and left.  I walked Gavin around to look at a Lego display, and then we left.  It was a very short, chaotic $60 visit to Legoland.

We left and walked around a bit, bought some shoes for the kids, and then headed into Rainforest Cafe.  When we were in Nashville last year, we went to The Aquarium restaurant and the kids loved it.  I thought Rainforest Cafe would be similar.  And it was....except it was also LOUD.  The elephants and the gorillas made noise and moved, and scared Riley to death at times.  Poor girl!  But, the balloon animal lady made it worthwhile and we had a nice dinner.

Doesn't she look petrified???

Crazy as it is, we weren't finished yet.  We headed back to the hotel and hit the pool one more time!  The kids really had a fun time, but Riley was shivering and here lips were purple within like 10 minutes for some reason, so we let the boys stay and play and we went to warm up.

I have videos to share of the pool, but it won't let me upload them to YouTube right now.  I'll try again later...

When Riley and I got up to the room, I put her down and went over to charge my phone, and when I turned around I found this...

Yep, that's one shoe on and Gavin's underwear...she's a goofball!

Getting her to sleep Sunday night was a little easier.  She slept better, but Gavin didn't that night, so Jarrod didn't sleep well either.  That tied with the fact that we were seriously dreading driving on the highways again during rush hour traffic (did I mention how horrible the highways were yet???  I can't remember....but so so stressful!  Detours everywhere, our GPS wasn't accurate, people going across all lanes of was nuts!) so we decided to just hop on the road early and start our drive home.  

Riley wasn't as good on the way home....she did nap twice, but when she was up, she was melting down.  She had had enough of car time, for sure!

We really enjoyed our little family trip, and can't wait for another little adventure.  My hopes are just that Riley is more cooperative and a little less difficult by that point!  Haha.  :)

Mar 21, 2013

Fort Worth: Day 2

After a long night of Riley tossing and turning, we were up bright and early and ready to go.  Around 7:30am, we left our hotel room and went down to eat at the hotel for breakfast.  We were given free breakfast vouchers since our room wasn't ready when promised on Saturday.  Nice perk because breakfast was awesome!  We had to return to the room to change Riley's outfit because she was already a mess after just one meal, and then we were off for the day.
{I love these pictures....look at her hair!!}

First stop, The Stockyards.  This was a really neat little area to walk around.  We were there too early (since it was a Sunday) for everything to be open, but we still enjoyed it.  Despite the petting zoo not being open yet, we were able to see some of the horses, ponies, and cattle, and even saw a camel walking down the street!

 We realized Riley has a huge love of birds on this trip.  While walking around The Stockyards, she wanted to just chase birds around and kept waving to them, saying 'Hi Birdie!'

We took a carriage ride around the area courtesy of Blondie the horse, and Gavin loved it!

Spent a lot of time just walking around the streets...

Stopped for impromptu photos, most of which didn't turn out!

And loved looking at the Longhorns!

We went into some of the cute shops, including a candy store and a boot shop.

And then we watched the cattle drive.  It was so funny because everyone told us about this and there were a lot of people lining up to watch, and it was literally over in like 30 seconds...  But, you'll never see this anywhere else, right??? 

Want to see what it was like?  Check out this video...Sorry it's not the greatest quality.  I was recording on my phone with my left hand and taking photos with my camera using my right.

We headed back to the car, stopped for a quick burger for lunch (kinda fitting, right???  Come from the cattle drive, eat a burger!) then went to the Museum of Science and History to hit up the children's area.  Super cute area...I miss having a museum to visit with the kids.  The Strong Museum of Play in Rochester spoiled me!

We took care of babies there...

Did some grocery shopping...

And dug for dinosaur bones!

We played with some manipulatives in the science area, too.  The life-size Lite Brite was so cool!  Makes me want to get the kids one to play with.

 Whew!  Our Day 2 was quite busy....I'm not even finished yet!  I'm going to head to bed, and I'll try to finish it up tomorrow. :)