Mar 1, 2013

The Acceptance Letter

We got the notice yesterday that Gavin got into our first choice of schools for kindergarten.  The way it works around here is that we're zoned for a specific school, but if we want the non-traditional calendar, we're assigned by lottery, and that's the school we really wanted.  The nontraditional calendar means he'll start school earlier in August and go later in June, but it also means more breaks throughout the school year that I liked.  More chances for off-season traveling!  So we're very excited!

But talk about surreal!  It's official now.  There's no more talking about how he'll either go to this school or that....we know now exactly where he'll be spending his days, and we know that on August 1, we'll be taking our boy to kindergarten.  It means that we know where we'll need to look when we're ready to buy a house so that we can stay in the same school.  And honestly, it is so exciting to think about how much he's going to love kindergarten and how much he's going to learn while at the same time is so crazy to think about the fact that he's going to be a KINDERGARTENER.  My baby!   Five months from today, we'll be walking him into his classroom.  And cue the tears...

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Not Your Mama's Martha! said...

That's wonderful, congratulation on receiving your first choice! I wish we had a choice for a non-traditional calendar; how great to have the choice!