Feb 14, 2013

Valentine Party Time!

Happy Valentine's Day!  Since Gavin doesn't have school on Thursdays, they celebrated yesterday with a party and boy was he excited!  He got his Valentine cards all ready, courtesy of his oh-so-talented Aunt Megan...
Riley and I joined him for the party, and let's just say, she's getting really comfortable in his class!  If only I could walk her into the child care at the fitness center and have her feel as comfortable.

The kids all delivered their cards to their classmates...I loved watching Gavin find his friends' names on their bags and match them up.  As I watched him do all 13 cards independently, I couldn't help but think back to last year and how I helped him with this task.  Yet another simple reminder that my boy is growing up...

They decorated cookies for a snack... Riley was treated to a cookie, too, but I wasn't a nice mommy and wouldn't let her have frosting.  I don't think Miss Linda would've liked us very much had she been able to put her little frosting-covered fingers all over the furniture.

 Next, we headed upstairs to play games.  Gavin loves this part of the parties!  {And Riley even got to participate!}

We celebrated today with a doughnut breakfast at Krispy Kreme and we'll be having heart-shaped pancakes (or pizza...haven't decided!) for dinner.  Love these little things that make days like to today memorable.  I love my Valentines.

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