Feb 28, 2013

Great Week

A month or so ago, Rosi decided she was going to come down and visit when Jarrod was gone for YBM.   After some gentle nudging, my mom decided she would be able to come, too. I was so glad and couldn't wait to see them.  The kids were so excited, too.  Saturday was the big day, and they showed up around 3:00.  After about 10 minutes of hugs and welcomes, the doorbell rang and surprise visitors appeared....Megan and Kyle!  We had NO idea!  It was a great surprise.

We headed out to dinner Saturday night and hung out a bit before they headed back to their hotel.  I went to bed Saturday with an earache and a headache that had lasted 48 hours and decided I needed to go to the doctor asap.  So, Jarrod and I had planned to escape for a little date on Sunday, but instead we grabbed lunch and spend 2 hours at Urgent Care getting me a shot and a prescription for an antibiotic for an ear infection.  Yuck.

We grilled out on Sunday night and just enjoyed hanging out with the kids.  Monday morning, bright and early, Jarrod had to head out to Florida.  Gavin was excited to show Mimi his classroom that day.  We spent the rest of the week just hanging out and working on my 'Mommy-Do List.'  Lots of organizing and cleaning got done, but not everything I wanted...  Wish they could've stayed longer!

There was lots of reading that took place...

And lots of cuddles....

Megan and Kyle were definitely the highlight for Gavin...he wore them out!  They played War one night and Gavin loved beating Uncle Kyle.

This is a blurry picture, but isn't it great?  He was SO happy that he'd won the card game!

 We surprised Gavin on their last day with a trip to Chuck E. Cheese, and then hit up Mama Fu's for lunch and Yum Yos for some frozen yogurt.  Great day!!

It sure was nice to have them here.  The kids LOVED the attention, and I loved having their help while Jarrod was gone.  Can't wait to see them again (and to see my Dad!!) 

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