Aug 30, 2012

Just for Fun

Yesterday, I took some down time to just go back and watch some old videos of Gavin.  They made me laugh so much.  For the family reading this that I know would love to see them....use this link and then go back to the oldest ones and check them out.  So cute!

Aug 28, 2012


I am feeling like I've fallen off the exercise wagon and I need to jump back on pronto!
I'm so excited about where my TS business is going!  My September calendar is jam packed, my team is growing, the new products are amazing....I'm in love.
I am getting so anxious for Megan's wedding. I can't wait to smell the ocean and feel the sand!

Jarrod is working hard, and I hear often how Puerto Rico is going to be the death of him.
He is spending every Saturday and Sunday morning working out and is doing a great job!
He's completely smitten by Riley.  It's so cute to see her melt his heart over and over again.
I think he looks just as forward to "Daddy Time" every night as Gavin does.

Gavin is now into 'boxer briefs' so I'm finding myself buying a pack at every store to transition him out of regular underwear and into them.
He's in a HUGE superhero phase.  Just as I learned more about farm equipment, dinosaurs, and trains than I ever thought possible, I now know more names of superheroes than I even thought existed.
He's so ready for preschool to start again!

Riley is climbing EVERYTHING!  Ahhhh!  She's into so much more than Gavin ever was.
She eats anything and would continue to eat all day long if we'd let her.
She's discovered how to take her shoes off while in the car, too.  Fun times!

Aug 27, 2012

Silly Girl

This little, she cracks us up!  I was trying to take a picture of something the other day and didn't even realize she'd ventured into the closet with me.  Just as I snapped the picture, she popped her head up, right in front of me!

Aug 24, 2012

The Visit

We spent a lot of time just playing with all the new toys and organizing the toy room when Mimi and Rosi were here, but finally on the last day, I remembered to pull out the camera!

We spent some time on Monday at one of Gavin's favorite places (where we NEVER go!)....Chuck E. Cheese's.

Then, before bed, we watched a little bit of a movie together.  Fun times, lots of memories made in just a short period of time!  We love you guys!


Aug 23, 2012

Gotta get caught up!

We had somewhat of an impromptu visit from my mom and aunt last weekend.  They had purchased a super cute kitchen for Riley for our playroom and decided to make the trek down to bring it (and a carload of other toys and clothes) to the kids.  Seriously, the car was loaded down.  There wouldn't have been room for another person in that car if anyone even attempted to join them on their journey.  They were only here for three days, but we had a lot of fun spending time together and it was great to see them.

I've been a little unmotivated to blog this week for some reason.  I guess it's just one of those funks we all get into but I'm determined to get some pictures on here this week, so look for a new post tomorrow.  We've had a busy day today with storytime, a playdate, and making a friend dinner that just had a baby, so I'm going to enjoy the last few minutes of naptime and enjoy the peace and quiet.  

Oh, and a couple quick business things....  I have a great fundraiser going on right now for The ALS Association.  If you need any Tastefully Simple products, be sure to email me by this weekend and I can add your order to their online party and help with the fundraiser, which is in memory of the father of one of my best friends, Lauren.  Also, I have an online party going right now with Origami Owl consultant Danielle Brown.  I was just introduced to their products and LOVE their lockets.  I think they're so cute....kind of a different twist on the Pandora bracelet, which is good for me since I'm not a huge fan of wearing bracelets every day.  If you're interested in ordering a cute necklace to tell your story in a locket, leave me a comment so I can share my party with you!  And check out her website:


Aug 17, 2012

Bringing back Flashback Friday

I was going through some old pictures and it got me feeling nostalgic.  I tried Flashback Friday before, but I just didn't have a lot of pictures on my computer to keep it up.  So, I'm going to attempt it again... :)

Vintage (and bald!) Gavin

Aug 16, 2012

Photo Dump

I feel like I've been journaling here more than sharing photos lately.  I have been in an organizing mood, spending a lot of time working on Tastefully Simple things as my team is growing and my party schedule is picking up again, and just didn't feel great for the beginning part of this week.  Plus, I just realized I hadn't transferred any pictures at all from my camera to the computer for all of August.  So...just to catch up a bit, here is some cuteness!

For Gavin's last day of Fit Kidz class, we were able to go in and watch and take pictures.
Here he is crab walking!

And doing squats...

And being 'it' during "What Time is It, Mr. Wolf?"

I think this shirt came from Mimi (or Rosi...) but I absolutely loved the ruffles and had to take Riley's picture.  So adorable!

And just one more random one...Riley is obsessed with the riding toys we have right now.  This fire truck is a big hit.  She likes to lift the seat up, then stand IN the fire truck.  Just another example of our little daredevil.  Gavin is super cautious....she has no fear.  Nice combination.

Aug 14, 2012

Biggest Loser

We're just a couple weeks away from the end of the Biggest Loser competition that I'm doing.  Like I mentioned before, Amy was the real motivation for me to get my rear in gear.  She was the reason I signed up for My Fitness Pal, and that was my eye opener.  I wasn't eating horribly, but I was eating way too much.  Then, when my Tastefully Simple team announced a Biggest Loser competition, I knew I wanted to sign up because it was just one more way to keep myself accountable and on track so I could get back to a healthy weight and reach my goal before Megan's wedding.  

Aside from logging my food on My Fitness Pal and watching my calorie intake, Jillian Michaels has been my new BFF.  The 30 Day Shred and her Kickboxing DVD are my two favorite workouts.  I also got a heart rate monitor which I love.  It's very motivating to see the number of calories burned while I'm working out go up.  Another huge motivator for me is knowing that I have to take a picture of the number on the scale and send it to the Biggest Loser group each week.  I recommend that to anyone wanting to stay on track and lose weight.  Get a weight loss buddy and hold each other accountable with pictures!  

Since signing up for My Fitness Pal in April, I'm down 12.4lbs.  I should be down another pound or two, but I've been way off track the last few weeks.  Riley's birthday week did me in.  With all that cake I lost track of what I was working for, and then with all the changes my body is going through with weaning Riley and now I'm sick....I haven't been doing the best with my eating or my exercise.  But, I still have that goal to meet and I'll do it!  I want to lose 4.4 more lbs before Megan's wedding.  

I feel better about myself and you can actually tell I've lost weight.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to go shopping for new clothes this fall.  My shorts and capris are getting too big now, so I'm sure my jeans won't fit either.  For 'normal' girls, this is a great thing.  For someone like me who hates spending money on clothes, I'm dreading it....but I guess it's a good reason to go shopping, huh? :)  

Aug 9, 2012

Moving on

Yesterday, I read on Meagan's Musings that it was the end of World Breastfeeding Week, and I realized, it was quite fitting.  World Breastfeeding Week ended on August 7, and I haven't nursed Riley since August 6.  Good timing, I guess.  

I nursed Gavin until he was 16 months old, and since Riley is most likely my last baby, I had planned to nurse her just as long, if not longer.  But, let's face it....she hasn't made things easy this last year.  I loved breastfeeding my babies.  That time for me to drop everything and snuggle them up and gaze into their eyes was magical.  But....not being able to leave the house at all without feeling stressed that she'd just be here screaming and crying was wearing on me.  So, it's bittersweet, but I decided when she was one I'd start weaning her.

Well, Riley took to her cup of whole milk way better than I expected.  She loves her milk!  So, the week before her birthday we were down to just three feedings a day (midday, before bed, and about 4:30am).  Last Friday, we were out at dinner time, and Riley fell asleep on the way home.  I just transferred her to her bed, and she stayed asleep.  So, we eliminated our bedtime feeding then.  Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning she woke up around 3 instead for 4:30ish and I nursed her, and she went back to bed.  And that was it....  Tuesday morning she slept until 6:30 and never woke up for an early morning feeding.  So, we went with it.  And that easily, we're finished nursing.  

I have to admit, I'm pretty proud of myself.  I remember being pregnant with Gavin and thinking about how I didn't want to breastfeed.  It just wasn't what I was used to, since I hadn't been around anyone that had nursed their babies.  Then, the frugal part of me decided it made sense to at least try it...formula is expensive!  I remember telling Jarrod my goal was 6 weeks, and if it didn't work and I gave up, he had to be supportive.  Little did I know how much I'd love it, and cherish that time.  My six week goal turned into a cumulative 28 months of breastfeeding.  And yes, at times it was way difficult, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  

I remember how sad I was when I decided it was time to wean Gavin.  It was strange, and something only a breastfeeding mom would understand probably, but I felt like it was the end of an era.  I remember asking Jarrod to take a picture of me nursing him on what I knew would be one of our last days, and I love that picture.  Of course, I wanted the same photo this time around, but Riley had different plans.  We never got one before our bedtime feeding dropped, and I obviously couldn't get one at 4:30am when she was nursing in the dark.  So, we don't have that ending photo.  And that's ok...because I'll always have this beginning photo....

Aug 6, 2012


It just dawned on me that I never blogged about Gavin's newest endeavor...Tae Kwon Do!

We just finished up our first session and he's starting his second session in a couple of weeks.  So far, he really likes it.  We hear 'hiya!' a lot, and we had to go get him a blow up punching bag because he wanted to show me his punches by punching me!  It was a little bit of an adjustment for us around here because he's expected to use 'sir' and 'ma'am' and while we know that is a good thing, it just isn't something we ever stressed, so now Gavin's teaching us to be respectful and he makes us use 'sir' when we ask him to do something.  :)

When the kids listen and reply to questions correctly, they get a stripe on their belt...he was quite proud of himself and couldn't want to send a picture to Daddy to show him when he got his first stripe while he was out of town.  

And...he ended the session with THREE stripes!  Way to go, Gav!

Aug 5, 2012

The Joys of a Boy

Gotta love when you're getting ready to snap a super cute picture of your baby girl 'primping' in front of her new mirror and instead your hyper little boy jumps in front of the camera.

Aug 4, 2012

Fired Up!

Yes, this blog is my way to capture our fabulous life and document all the memories we're making, but I decided I needed to share a little bit about something that has be all fired up.  Tastefully Simple!  After all, Tastefully Simple is a big part of our life.  :)

{If you don't know my TS story, you can click on the link at the top of the blog and read more.}

Right now, the National Conference {aka Party Palooza!} is taking place and just as the theme says, it has me and all my Taste Buds FIRED UP!  I so wish I could be at the conference, experiencing the magic firsthand, but I'm so lucky that they have a live stream for some of the sessions so that I can watch from my own kitchen.  And it was so hard to turn it off yesterday.  I had it on while the kids and I were busy, listening to the testimonials and trainings.  I eventually realized that I had to get in the shower before my small window of overlapping naps were over, but I was so drawn into the stories I was hearing, that I set up the laptop in the bathroom...

I had chills and tears in my eyes as I listened to how this amazing company has changed lived, and I was inspired to do even more with my business.  Jarrod got home last night and I rambled, and rambled, and rambled.  I couldn't stop telling him about these stories I'd listened to, the new products, new features, new incentives.  And of course, I couldn't sleep last night.  I laid there in bed thinking about how passionate I am about growing my business.  
This past year has been kind of slow for me.  Riley not taking a bottle made my party schedule really difficult, but we're weaning and I'm eager to get back to partying regularly.  And I've set my goals high.  For this next recognition year, I will earn my personal sales bonus each month, and I will promote twice, making us a Senior Team Manager team.  That involves a lot, but I know we can do it.  I'm excited to welcome new team members over the next gain new hosts and meet new build even stronger relationships with my team and my clientele.  I'm thankful for my family, friends, hosts, clients, and team for supporting me, hosting parties, placing orders, joining our team, and cheering me on.  You're awesome, and you have me fired up!
{And if you want more info, you should watch this awesome video and then contact me:

Oh, and P.S.  There's an awesome new incentive where you could get start for FREE!  Are you ready???

Aug 3, 2012

Ball of Emotions

Geez...I've been an emotional mess lately.  Seriously, I'm always emotional, but it just seems to be worse the last couple of weeks.  Our baby girl turning one combined with the Olympics and then throw in the fact that I'm weaning Riley and my hormones are all screwed up means lots of tears!  

Earlier this week, I was driving, my mind wandering, just thinking about all the things I had to do this week.  As I was thinking about which days I had to have the kids up and ready to go early, Gavin and I started talking about how school starts back next month and I started thinking about how last year, Riley was awake every morning in time to go to preschool, but lately she's been sleeping later so I'll have to wake her up to get Gavin to school on M, W, and F.  And then it hit me.  Like a ton of bricks and tears filled my eyes.  I only have ONE YEAR left with Gavin home with me before he starts kindergarten.  ONE YEAR!!!  The year-round school that I want Gavin to go to started this week.  Seriously, this time next year, we'll be starting school.  I'm not sure how we got here so quickly, but all I know is that I want to spend the next year enjoying every single minute with my boy here with me.  It's going to be so weird to only have Riley home with me and have him be at school every day.  

And then...there are the Olympics.  They say that having kids changes everything, and it's funny to me how being a mom has even changed how I watch the Olympics.  The summer games are always more exciting to me than the winter ones.  I love watching swimming, diving, and gymnastics.  I can remember watching Kerri Strug's vault on a warm summer night in the family room (which was what back then, mom and dad?  The black and red room?  The futon room?  Lol.)  This year, I watch them with Gavin and listen to him chant, 'Go USA! Go USA!' and I love how he watches the leader board pop up and tells me what place the USA is in.  His GI Joe action figures and super heroes are all doing gymnastic routines around here and pretending to dive off the ottomans.  Last night, repeating what he'd heard one of the commentators say, he told Jarrod and I that one day, he'd be a star athlete and compete at the Olympics.  *love*  And then, there's the gymnastics, and how I watch them now and not only empathize for these young girls competing at an international level, but I imagine being their mom and the pride and anxiety I feel for them is crazy.  The other day, Facebook ruined the results for me....stupid spoilers.  Still, I DVR'd them and watched them with tears streaming down my face, already knowing they'd won the gold, but I just couldn't imagine my own little girl being there competing like that.  I was so proud of them!

Ok, off to wipe my tears away and play 'Olympic volleyball' with my future star athlete!