Jul 31, 2012

Party Pics

Ready for some pics?  I haven't taken any time to edit them at all, but I know the grandparents are waiting.  :)  Thanks to Big Day Invitations {etsy!} for their super cute Pink Ladybug printable theme pack.  I love these packs.  

While I couldn't get the pretty girl to look at me or smile, I did get her to leave her headband on for about four minutes!  That's quite the accomplishment around here.

I LOVE this pic...  Gavin was getting very impatient; waiting for our guests to arrive so he could have a much anticipated juice box was almost too much for him.  I tried to get them to sit down together, and just as I snapped this one, someone rang the doorbell.  He was so excited!

 I'm pretty sure Caleb was crying because Riley kept stealing his paci.  Crazy girl, already picking on her boyfriend. 

She was a pretty spoiled little girl, getting lots of new clothes and toys.

And then....it was cake time!

And, just like after most meals, then a quick rinse in the sink...

Thanks to the friends that came out to spend their afternoon with our little birthday girl.  We're so lucky that you've become our Arkansas family. 

Jul 30, 2012

Birthday Videos

On Riley's actual birthday, Gavin and I went in to get her in the morning with a surprise song!

This video is from her birthday party, when my little eater dug into her cake!  Blogger wouldn't upload it for some reason, so you'll have to use this link to You Tube.  Sorry!  


Jul 28, 2012

Never Grow

Remember the Taylor Swift song from yesterday's slideshow?  Never Grow Up....or as Gavin calls it, Never Grow?  Check this out....so sweet!  I love these kids, and love how they interact.  


Jul 27, 2012

Grab some tissues

I realize not everyone is a sap like me, but seriously, these songs make me bawl like a baby every time I hear them.  Some friends in my online moms group were making slideshows of their babies' first year, and it motivated me to teach myself how to do it.  So easy!  I was pretty impressed with myself, but seriously, it's not hard at all, so I don't know why I'm so impressed.  Haha.  Now, if I can figure out how to get it onto a DVD that will actually play in our blu-ray player, my plan is to just have it going during her party tomorrow so our friends that are heading over can see it.  But, of course, I have to share it with y'all! :)  I'm warning you though....I take like 37,000 photos a month it seems, so choosing favorites was hard, not to mention I really wanted to use all three of these songs, so it's a little long.  If you have 11 minutes, I promise this little girl will make you smile.  

First, about the songs.  I remember driving home from a party down in Springdale last spring, right after finding out that we were having a girl, and hearing Taylor Swift's Never Grow Up.  I sobbed.  I was so glad I was heading home, and not to the party, because my host would have thought I was nuts.  Ever since that moment, I've loved this song.  Then, when Riley was born, I wanted a song to sing to her.  I sing You Are My Sunshine to Gavin, and I wanted that to be his song, so I needed something different for Riley.  So, of course, Never Grow Up was what popped in my head, and now I sing the first verse every single night.  Tim McGraw's song has always made me emotional, even before having kids, but that's not unusual.  Songs have a way of making me cry...  But, when I listened to it again while making this slideshow, I had to include it because it made me think of Jarrod and Riley, and how much she already adores him.  And lastly, You and Me was a song I'd never heard of until one of those moms I mentioned earlier shared her slideshow, and you guessed it....brought me to tears.  '...Yesterday you were asleep in my arms, today you're growing off the charts...'  Seriously?  How can it not cue tears??  

Ok...grab some tissues if you're an emotional mess like me, and enjoy.  


Jul 26, 2012


Happy birthday, Riley Savannah!  It's so surreal that a whole year is already behind us.  This time last year, I was heading to my 39 week check-up with Dr. Schmitz, not knowing that we'd decide that it would in fact be baby day.  Things sure moved fast that day....you sure were excited to get here and meet your brother.  You fill everyday with even more love and laughter than we knew possible.

 Riley is getting so big and so active.  She's wearing 12 month clothes; in true baby-clothes-fashion, some fit great, some are getting too small already.  Why can't clothing sizes be uniform???  She's finishing up her pack of size 3 diapers and then we'll probably try a pack of 4s.  We go next week for her one year well visit and we'll know what she weighs then.  The amount of food this girl eats should mean she's gained a ton, but I'm sure that's not the case.  Seriously, I think she'd eat all.day.long.  She gets that honest!  We haven't really found a food that she hates yet; she'll eat pretty much anything we put on her tray, and if we try to sit down to have a snack, you better believe we have to share.  She's like a moth to a flame!  Another big milestone for Riley....last week she had her first cup of whole milk.  I've decided to wean Riley over the next month so we started introducing a cup of milk at mealtimes, and she's done great.  In fact, weaning her has gone much easier and more quickly than I thought.  The past two days, she's only nursed 3x/day, including a 4:30/5am feeding.  Remember last month how she was sleeping horrible?  Well, I did sleep training with her and she responded great!  She's now sleeping from about 7:30am-4:30/5 consistently, and then after a quick feed, goes back to bed until 6:30-7:30.  MUCH BETTER!

What is Riley into these days?  The better question is what is she NOT into.  Seriously, this girl keeps us busy.  Her favorite activities these days include pulling Gavin's pants down and throwing anything and everything into the garbage.  We find things in random places all the time; this past week, we've found her teething tablets bottle in our laundry basket, Pull-Ups in Gavin's hamper, and a chip clip in Jarrod's shoe.  She loves to carry her new purse around (thanks, Mimi and Beepa!) and pretends like everything is a phone.  If you can't find the remote control, just find Riley; chances are, she's carrying it around (or put it in the trash).  I love how she's starting to get into dolls, too.  I can't wait for her to open her new presents!  She also loves pillows....she always lays her head on them and says, 'awwww.' 

Of course, we think she's such a genius.  ;)  She says 'woof woof' every time you say dog or she sees a dog (which, by the way, she loves Shirley, but if we go somewhere and there's a little dog barking, she cries hysterically.)  She signs please now (not on her own, but after we say, 'can you say please?'), waves constantly and says 'night night' before bed.  I love how she gets so excited when Jarrod comes home from work and says, 'mama!'  One day, she'll get it!  Gavin always said dada, and I didn't get a mama until he was like 15 months, so I guess she's just going to be the opposite.  Speaking of her Daddy, she adores him.  I love how when he goes and sits on the floor, she goes right over to him and plops herself down on his lap and leans back into him.  It's so special. 

She is walking everywhere, and even tries to run when she knows she's in trouble.  It's so funny!  After a few days of the awkward walk with her new shoes, she got the hang of it, and finally figured out how to stand herself back up.  Seeing Gavin and Riley together makes our hearts explode with love.  They love to wrestle together, and Riley just thinks her big bro is hilarious.  They love to look at books together, and of course, Riley is really into his Angry Birds.  Siblings are awesome!  I hope they always love to be with each other (I know, I know...fat chance, but I can hope, right?) 

Riley Burger, we love you so much.  Daddy and I have talked recently about how we can't really remember what it was like without you here.  You fit perfectly into our family and make us feel so complete.  We're sad that your first year is already over and you're not a baby anymore, but are so excited to explore life with you and your brother as you get older, taking in as much excitement and adventure as we possibly can.  Thank you for making us smile every day.  We love you!


Jul 24, 2012

30 Things Update!

Another update....working my way through!  Still lots to do!
  1. Learn to use my new sewing machine and make something special for both kids - This is a work in progress...I'm really enjoying learning my new sewing machine
  2. Crochet Riley a hat
  3. Complete C25K - Couch 2 5K   Complete!  (Though I hurt my shin in the process and can't run now...but I'm the ice and stretches will eventually help)
  4. Plant an herb garden (or at least one herb!) - I attempted one the Jackie bought for me, but it never did take off.  Now, I've planted just cilantro in a mason jar...we'll see if it grows.  {Yeah, it didn't.  I suck at growing things!}
  5. Create a collage in Photoshop Elements
  6. Make from scratch - a pie, a cake, and brownies
  7. Have a Mommy-Son date
  8. Cook a turkey
  9. Collect letters to spell PATE for our kitchen
  10. Get a facial
  11. Take the kids to the beach - Trip scheduled for September 30!
  12. Write a letter to myself to open when I'm 40 {cute idea...but I'm scared I'll forget to open it when I'm 40...still going to try!} - In the process of completing this.
  13. Figure out how to make a DVD of my Flip videos
  14. Go to a drive-in movie
  15. Send at least two 'snail mail' letters/cards each month {thanks for the inspiration, Lauren!} Complete for Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June
  16.  Pay for a stranger's meal in the drive-thru lane
  17. Give up pop for a whole month {just have to figure out a good month to do that...}
  18. Go on a family picnic
  19. Create a survival kit- Not to the extent I wanted, but I do feel better about having some supplies in the closet for when we're hunkered down during a tornado warning
  20. Attend a baseball game - Daddy and Gavin did this, but we haven't done one as a family yet
  21. Organize all our photos - huge task!
  22. Read a 'classic' book - I have a feeling I'll fail this one; I'm just not a classics lover!  I tried twice and gave up.  I'll attempt it again.
  23. Publish another blog book - Done!  And I love it!  If any bloggers want a link to the website, I'd love you to use my referral link.                                                                                     
  24.  Play in the rain with Gavin {and Riley if she's old enough when this occurs} - We need to have rain to do this!
  25. Start Skyping with friends- This is an easy one!  I just need friends that Skype! :)
  26. Go 'camping' in the backyard
  27. Repurpose something...anything
  28. Send someone flowers
  29. Learn to make bows for Riley
  30. Watch our wedding DVD with Gavin


No regrets.  You hear that all the time....live life with no regrets.  I try my hardest to follow that advice, but I think it's inevitable that when in the end, we all will have a few regrets.  In true mom-fashion, it seems the  regrets I've had on my mind lately involve me kids.  Here are just a few that I keep coming back to...
  •  I regret not starting this blog sooner.  When I began the blog back in late 2008, I never knew it would grow to what it's become.  I thought it would just be an easy way to keep our families involved when we moved to NY.  Little did I know that it would literally become our family's photo album, scrapbook, diary....our history!  I absolutely LOVE getting our blog books published.  I just wish I had documented my pregnancy with Gavin and his infant days.  He was 6 months old when I started this.
  • I regret not looking into a birth photographer for Riley's birth.  My mom and mother-in-law were there when Gavin was born to capture some photos.  Nothing professional, but I really cherish those first snapshots my mom took of Jarrod and I crying at the sight of our new baby boy.  I barely have any of Riley's birth since it was just the two of us.  Jarrod did his best to get some, but while caught up in the emotion of the moment, many of them are blurry and I hate that he's not in any of them.  Along the same line...I hate that we don't have a family picture of the four of us in the hospital.  In fact, it makes me so sad that our first family picture wasn't taken until Riley was about 2 weeks old...and that was courtesy of a self timer so it's not even great.  :(  
  • Not baby related...but I regret letting my teaching license expire.  Not because I'm planning to go back to the classroom, but just because now if I ever do decide to do that I'll have a lot of work to do to make my license current.  When I realized I was a few months past its expiration date, I was literally kicking myself.

Jul 23, 2012

I figured out my problem....

I have so much I want to do and so many projects started, but I just can't focus on just one to finish anything these day!
  • I have both a fiction and a nonfiction book started right now, with several more on my list that I want to read.
  • I enrolled in an online sewing class with 16 lessons, and have only watched the first two.
  • I signed up for a photography website with tons of tutorials, but have yet to complete one because the site in general overwhelms me immensely!
  • I'm in the middle of party planning for Riley.
  • I have four incomplete blog posts started right now.
  • I have two weeks to get my consignment stuff priced, but I just can't get motivated to start because I feel like I have no where to organize it, so everything I need to sort through it stacked in the garage.
Maybe now, if I can get all the sick germs that are attacking my house out, I will finally get motivated to cross one thing off at a time.  

Jul 19, 2012

Laundry Basket Fun

Who knew a laundry basket could provide such entertainment???  The kids had a blast with Daddy and the basket.  I love moments like these.  Love, love, love!



Jul 17, 2012

Share with Shutterfly!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE Shutterfly.  Between photo books, holiday cards, and birth announcements, they keep drawing me back for more with their simple site and great prices.  Have you heard they're holding a contest right now???

Use the following link to learn more:  Long Live Summer

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•       Shutterfly Sweepstakes - Official Rules