Mar 27, 2012


On Sunday, I took Gavin for a drive at naptime so I could make sure he could comfortably fall asleep and nap in his new car seat before our long drive this coming weekend.  While driving through downtown, I noticed that the square is absolutely beautiful right now with tulips everywhere, so I knew we had to go back and take some pictures.  I wanted to do this last year, too, and by the time we made it there, they were gone.  So Monday morning, I made sure we headed out early in the day to spend the morning taking pictures.  I took a TON of shots, but only a handful turned out.  I also played around with Photoshop and love how these three turned out...

And here are some more that I like that I haven't gotten around to editing yet...

Riley tried out some mulch and a flower...

This boy looks so old!

I love our downtown area.  It's so beautiful!  We had a great morning hanging out in the gorgeous weather, then walked over to the Spark Cafe and had a snack together.  Great morning with my two favorite little people.

Mar 26, 2012

8 Months!

Realy?!?!  8 months???  It's so hard to believe.  I look at Riley daily and wonder how she's grown up so much already.  It's amazing to me how fast it's going.  Carrying her to her bed at night after she's fallen asleep on me always makes me realize just how big she is.  And heavy!  This photo shoot also made me realize how much she's more tiny baby laying sweetly while I snap away.  This was hands-down the quickest monthly photo shoot I've done with her because she wasn't into it at all and wouldn't sit still.

I recently sat Riley on my bathroom scale, still in her diaper and pajamas, and she weighed 18lbs!  We won't go back until the end of April for a check-up for her official reading.  Clothing sizes vary depending on the brand, but she's wearing 6-12months or 9-12 month clothes most of the time and size 3 diapers.  

This has been a HUGE month for Riley...she's learned to crawl, pull herself up and has cut three teeth.  It's amazing to watch her get herself where she wants to be, and it's so cute how much she wants to follow her brother around (though he doesn't find it very cute.)  She's also trying to clap and sometimes will start 'dancing' when she hears music. 

She won't leave headbands on 95% of the time now, pulls her baby legs off, and tries to eat her shoes.  One of her favorite things to do is take whatever Gavin's playing with to use as a teether.  Her favorite toys to gnaw on right now are action heroes, race cars, and train tracks.  Looking at books is a favorite activity, too, and she LOVES her blanket!  She's also started taking baths in the big tub recently, and loves splashing around with Gavin.

Riley was without a doubt a better sleeper as a newborn.  I think we're going to be doing some sleep training soon.  She's fallen into the habit (with my help, I know) of needing to nurse to sleep.  I love it, but at the same time I know we need to break that habit.  Teething caused a lot of issues with her sleep, and so our bedtime routine takes a long time because she wakes frequently after she first goes down, and then is up usually 2-3 times each night.

We've introduced yogurt and mango recently.  Bananas are still a huge favorite for Riley, and HUGE mess!  Riley + banana + mesh feeder = Disaster in this house.  But they make her happy.  She's eating 1-2 meals a day...lately lunch hasn't really been her thing, so we just skip it some days. 

Mar 24, 2012

More eyes

As much as I love Gavin's eyes, I have a feeling hers are going to make hearts melt someday, too.  {And I'm pretty excited with how this shot turned out after I played with it in Photoshop.}

Mar 22, 2012


I love when the innocence of a child is so present.  Yesterday, Gavin got some new cars in the mail from Mimi and Beepa.  They were convertibles, and it was so cute when he started playing with them and started questioning why they didn't have a top.  I explained that they were called convertibles, and that convertibles don't have a top, or you can put the top down.  His little brain was working hard to figure it out and he looked at me and said, 'Then won't the people blow out?'  Such a sweetheart!  So, when Jarrod got home, I had to of course tell him that cute story.  He smiled, and said, 'Gavin, you just wait!  This weekend, we're going to take the top off Daddy's Jeep, go driving around, and look for chicks!'  Jarrod and I, of course, looked at each other and smiled, and Gavin just looked at Jarrod and said, 'Daddy, what are those?'  God, I love that kid.  

I love him!

I feel guilty sometimes about how many pictures I share of Riley now.  My friend, Danielle, was always so good about sharing a picture of each of her boys after her new baby was born.  I'd love to share more pictures of Gavin, but the fact is, I don't get as many of him anymore!  He loves to take pictures with my camera, but doesn't always let me take pictures anymore.  He's even told me before that I'm annoying him!  And so, it begins...

But...when I have him contained in the bathtub, he can't run from me, and I love to take a few photos of him.  Daddy is usually the one to do bath time, so when I do give him one, I make sure to snap away.  

I {love} these eyes!

It is always such an ordeal getting Gavin into the bath...he never wants to get it.  But, once he's in, it's like pulling teeth to get him out!  He usually is in there until the water is cold and we have to add more warm water just to wash him.  

I cannot believe he will be 4 next month.  How in the world did that happen???  I remember when we first moved to NY and, after being away from us for so long, Jarrod took over baths for Gavin and I thought it was the greatest thing ever.  He was just over one then, and now he's almost FOUR!  Amazing!

I love you, Gavin Jack.  Daddy and I both do.  A lot.

Mar 20, 2012

Mayo and Croutons

Yep, she's into everything!  Apparently, Riley likes the idea of croutons and mayonnaise for her next meal.  Sounds appetizing!