Dec 31, 2012

Christmas Memories

I really wish I had done this post sooner to capture all the memories I wanted to....I'm sure I'll forget something now.  But, boy has life been busy this past week!  I believe I still have other things to catch up on, too, but for now, here's our Christmas recap.  

Jarrod had to work Christmas Eve, so our morning wasn't out of the ordinary; playing, cleaning, baths...  The kids then helped me get the tripod all ready for our annual self-timer family pic in front of the Christmas tree.  They crack me up.  Notice Gavin's 'scared' face below; it's his new favorite face to make.

 When Daddy walked in, we got the picture taken right away before the kids burst.  They couldn't wait to call Ohio on Skype and start opening pictures.  These always turn out good, but not great.  Still a little out of focus, but you can only get everyone to sit still for self-timer pictures for so long!

Then it was time for Skyping!  We love that we celebrate Christmas via Skype.  The kids love seeing everyone, everyone there loves watching them open presents, and this year, Riley was just fascinated with the computer!

We took a break and cooked our Christmas dinner and it wasn't long until Riley snapped.  Meltdowns galore!  She desperately wanted another bath, so I finally gave in and let her get in.  Then came another tantrum when it was time to get out.  Followed by ultimately, Gavin got to quickly open her pajamas that she was getting for Christmas from Daddy and me for her, I put them on her and she went to bed.  Before 6:30.  She didn't get to open her other presents from Daddy and me; we saved them for the next day.  She was a terror.

So then came bedtime, and Gavin was out like a light.  Too bad it didn't stay that way.  He woke up around 1 or so to pee, and never went back to sleep.  I kept telling him on the monitor to lay back down, I went into his room several times to rub his back and tell him he had to go to sleep so Santa would come, then we found him in the living room trying to sneak a peek... Finally around 3 I went in and went to sleep in his bed with him.  At 5:40 or so, he was shaking me away because 'It's Christmas Eve, mom!'  I explained that it was actually Christmas and that it was too early to go out, but that didn't work.  So, he came into the kitchen with me and we got the monkey bread started, coffee brewing, then woke Daddy and Riley up.

After a nice nap for all, we finished off Christmas day with the Faminis.  The kids played, we ate, we played a little times!  I'm going to miss them *tons* when California gets them back.  :(

Christmas time always reminds me just how lucky we are.  Our children are so incredibly lucky to be loved by so many people.  We all were quite spoiled this year.  Gavin even said that it was the best Christmas ever and he got everything he ever dreamed of.  It was awesome!  I'm not sure if our toy room can handle anymore Little People or Angry Bird things.  Jarrod and I got equally spoiled with things that we've wanted but haven't bought for ourselves.  To say we have a lot to be thankful for would be an understatement.  We love you all!

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Samantha said...

How cute! Your family looks like they had a great one!