Nov 5, 2012

Stomach Bug and Grandma

Oh, what a weekend we've had.  Riley woke up Friday morning covered in puke.  We have no idea how long she laid in it, because she never woke up through the night.  Jarrod just went in to get her when she woke up for the day and found her.  We got her in the bath and started her laundry and she was acting totally fine.  I load the kids into the car to get Gavin to school and half way there she throws up again.  It was disgusting.  I realize I'm pretty lucky that I've been a mom for 4.5 years and I'm just now having my first experience with cleaning vomit from a car seat.  Yuck.  I hope I never have to do that again!

So we stayed home the rest of the day and she seemed to be doing ok.  Saturday was filled with nasty diapers, though.  Still...we didn't think much of it.  Then around 1am, I was awakened by Jarrod jumping out of bed.  He heard Gavin scream before I did and went rushing into him and found him covered in vomit.  Oh, joy!  We were up from 1-2:30 cleaning Gavin's room, giving him a bath, and comforting him while he was continuously threw up.  He was up again at 3:30 and then, thanks to the time change, Riley woke up at 5.  Fun times.  I am so thankful for a husband that heads out at 5am to get necessities and Pedialyte at 5 in the morning!

Both kids were back to sleep by 9 so we made ourselves some breakfast.  Jarrod had to go into work to get some last minute things done before his trip to Puerto Rico.  By the time he got home, I wasn't feeling well and got hit with the lovely stomach bug.  Sadly, Gavin had to miss his best buddy's birthday party, too.  :( Gavin was asleep for the night by 5, Riley was in bed at 7, and Jarrod and I both crawled into bed right after.  He definitely isn't as sick as the rest of us, but didn't exactly leave for Puerto Rico feeling great today. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't hit him on the plane or once he's there.

So far, things look to be on the upswing.  Riley's diapers are still gross.  Gavin and I both ate some toast this morning and are so far keeping it down.  He's enjoying watching Cinderella for the second time since Daddy brought it home for him yesterday.  Jarrod always knows how to make him feel better!  Luckily, Riley's starting to enjoy Sesame Street, so we've watched a lot of Sesame Street On Demand. The kids are getting spoiled with tv, but as long as I get to lay down, I'm ok with that right now!

It's funny to me how certain things will spark a memory that seem so random.  All this sickness going through the house brings back so many memories of my grandma.  As I laid next to Gavin Saturday night rubbing his belly, I remembered how she used to do the same thing for me and it always made me feel so much better.  Memories of how she used to make me lay on my belly on top of a pillow with my knees pulled up came back to me and I had Gavin do the same thing.  Then I started remembering how she would make me toast with melted cheese on random but I can recall how much I loved it.  And tea!  Grandma was a huge tea fanatic, and she would make me tea when I wasn't feeling well.  In fact, last night I randomly remembered the little microwavable tea pot I had so that I could make my own tea through the summer when my parents were at work without having to use the stove.  All these random memories that all came back to me thanks to this pest of a stomach bug.

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Kimberley T said...

hope you all feel better soon