Nov 2, 2012

Halloween Dump

Here come all the pictures!

The last Friday of the month is always 'trick or treating' at Jarrod's office, so of course we had to go visit Daddy at work!  Both kids were so excited to see all the costumes and decorations...

 Gavin got his fair share of 'fist bumps'!

I absolutely ADORE these two together...

More 'hulk' fun...
Then, Halloween morning we spent time at Gavin's preschool for a fun party.  Jarrod couldn't sneak away from work, so I was trying to entertain Riley and get pictures...not too successful!

Gavin's 'best sister' Riley and his 'best school friend' Rylee

Let the sugar intake begin...

I didn't get many pictures of the games, but he loved this one.  They had to try to get the donut hole in their mouth without using their hands.  So funny! 

Then, after coming home for lunch and an unsuccessful attempt at a nap, we headed to the Faminis for trick or treating.  We didn't get to go together last year because Gavin was sick, but we had a lot of fun hanging out this year.  I think pizza and wine should be a prerequisite for all Halloween festivities, right?

I love these boys together.  While we were eating pizza, we overheard this conversation at the kids' table.
Lucas: Do you wish we were brothers?
Gavin: Why?
Lucas: Because we love each other.  
Seriously, could they get any cuter?

Caleb and Riley didn't let the fact that they can't yet say Trick or Treat! stand in the way of getting their fair share of candy!

The kids were troopers!  We walked around for a little over and hour and had so much fun.
 Love these memories made with friends!



Mrs. K said...

Super cute! Love their costumes. =)

Katie said...

Way too cute!