Oct 15, 2012

More OBX photos

I know, I know....everyone's waiting for wedding photos.  I'm getting there.  I didn't get many on my camera, as I've said before, so I'm catching up on everything else and waiting patiently for everyone else to post theirs so I can share them! :)  

Gavin definitely made a new friend at the beach....Uncle Kyle is pretty awesome to hang out with.  He reads superhero books and makes a certain little four year old laugh.  A lot.

Riley had fun playing with baby Alexis, Kyle's niece.  She really liked trying to poke her face for some reason.

 It might take her a while to warm up right now {she's especially cautious around men for some reason}, but she still enjoyed spending time with Beepa!

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Megan said...

Kyle IS pretty fun to hang out with, huh? :)