Oct 25, 2012

30 Things Update!

Another update....working my way through!  Still lots to do!
  1. Learn to use my new sewing machine and make something special for both kids - This is a work in progress...I'm really enjoying learning my new sewing machine
  2. Crochet Riley a hat
  3. Complete C25K - Couch 2 5K   Complete!  (Though I hurt my shin in the process and can't run now...but I'm the ice and stretches will eventually help)
  4. Plant an herb garden (or at least one herb!) - I attempted one the Jackie bought for me, but it never did take off.  Now, I've planted just cilantro in a mason jar...we'll see if it grows.  {Yeah, it didn't.  I suck at growing things!}
  5. Create a collage in Photoshop Elements
  6. Make from scratch - a pie, a cake, and brownies
  7. Have a Mommy-Son date
  8. Cook a turkey
  9. Collect letters to spell PATE for our kitchen - Have the A and the E!
  10. Get a facial
  11. Take the kids to the beach - Trip scheduled for September 30!
  12. Write a letter to myself to open when I'm 40 {cute idea...but I'm scared I'll forget to open it when I'm 40...still going to try!} - In the process of completing this.
  13. Figure out how to make a DVD of my Flip videos
  14. Go to a drive-in movie
  15. Send at least two 'snail mail' letters/cards each month {thanks for the inspiration, Lauren!} Complete for Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June, July....slacked in Aug and Sept. 
  16.  Pay for a stranger's meal in the drive-thru lane
  17. Give up pop for a whole month {just have to figure out a good month to do that...}
  18. Go on a family picnic
  19. Create a survival kit- Not to the extent I wanted, but I do feel better about having some supplies in the closet for when we're hunkered down during a tornado warning
  20. Attend a baseball game - Daddy and Gavin did this, but we haven't done one as a family yet
  21. Organize all our photos - huge task!
  22. Read a 'classic' book - I have a feeling I'll fail this one; I'm just not a classics lover!  I tried twice and gave up.  I'll attempt it again.
  23. Publish another blog book - Done!  And I love it!  If any bloggers want a link to the website, I'd love you to use my referral link.                                                                                     
  24.  Play in the rain with Gavin {and Riley if she's old enough when this occurs} I'm counting the 'sprinkle' we played in...we didn't have much rain this summer!
  25. Start Skyping with friends- This is an easy one!  I just need friends that Skype! :)
  26. Go 'camping' in the backyard
  27. Repurpose something...anything
  28. Send someone flowers
  29. Learn to make bows for Riley
  30. Watch our wedding DVD with Gavin

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Mrs. K said...

I would love the link to the blog book site so I can check it out! It would be awesome to be able to take my blog posts & turn them into something more permanent.