Feb 23, 2012

Snow Day!

It's hard to believe that our windows are open, I just brought Riley in from playing outside, and Gavin's still out there in the sandbox, when just 10 days ago we were outside enjoying our first {and probably last} snow day of the year {and Riley's first snow day EVER!}

 We got just enough snow overnight to go out and play...but not enough for Daddy to get to stay home with us!  By the time he got home, the snow had turned to freezing rain, so we didn't get to enjoy any play time with him.  

Riley loved being outside!  But, it was so bright that she couldn't quite keep her eyes open.  :)

When we moved to NY, my mom gave us this sled, but unfortunately, it was so buried in the garage there with all our boxes, we never found it to use it!  I was recently in the attic and saw it, so it was fresh on my mind when we got this snow.  Gavin enjoyed pulling Riley around, and after she was back inside, I pulled Gavin back and forth MANY times across our yard.  Talk about a workout!  Mama was tired!

Though it might look like it, Riley wasn't really wearing many layers.  She had her outfit on, and then we put on this adorable snowsuit that my friend Stacey gave us.  But...every time I'd sit her down, she'd go from this....

...to this, in no time at all!

And yes, I'm such a good mom that I did it again on purpose after I figured it out so I could take her picture.  Mom of the year, right?

We had a blast out there, and I'm so glad that we still get a chance to occasionally experience snow down here in Arkansas so that the kids {and ME!} can have all four seasons and play in the snow!  I love the snow.  :) 

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Not Your Mama's Martha! said...

Your kids are beyond cute and they appear to have grown by leaps & bounds since the last time I had a moment to catch up on your blog. I really love the Angry Birds hat, Emily has been begging for one! ;)