Jul 14, 2011

Thirteen Thursday

Jarrod surprised me and took tomorrow off.  He knows there are still some things I want to get done before this baby girl does arrive.  Having an extra day off together will be helpful!  And because I'm a list maker, I'm organizing my thoughts here.  These are 13 things we either need to do or get for the baby still.
  1. Clean out the inside of my car one last time.
  2. Have car seat inspected.
  3. Finish disinfecting pump parts.
  4. Clean last set of toys.
  5. Do one more load of baby laundry.
  6. Organize diaper bag to include more of her stuff, not just Gavin's.
  7. Make a couple batches of pizza dough to freeze.
  8. Figure out what I'm going to use for baby wearing when she's little and order it.  {If you're reading this and have suggestions, please let me know!  I had a Bjorn with Gavin, but sold it.  I have an Ergo and plan to use that, but wanted something else for when she's still tiny.  I've had many recommendations for a Moby, then lots of people tell me it will be way to hot to use here, for both her and me.  I don't want to spend a lot, but I do want something to use.  Any ideas???  Anyone use a Moby in 100 degree weather?}
  9. Order her onesie stickers from etsy.  Aren't these adorable?  Monthly Onesie Stickers
  10. Get the high chair and set it up.  Gavin's still trying to decide which chair should be used for her high chair.  And yes, I know it seems early to some to worry about the high chair, but the one we are getting reclines and she will be sitting with us at the table as much as possible from the beginning, just like Gavin did.  
  11. Get some sticker books and start organizing a little basket for Gavin.  I'm planning to have some things set aside that he and I can do together if he wants my attention while I'm nursing the baby.  
  12. Clean the baby bathtub out.
  13. Get a spare key to Jarrod's friend in case we need him to help out with Shirley.
 Ok, now I guess we'll see if we get all that done before she decides to arrive! :)


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Annisa said...

Wow, you're organized! As for the baby carrier, I got slings when I had Dixon. I LOVED them!!! I wish I had known about them when I had the girls. It made life so much easier, especially when I was grocery shopping and running errands. I just popped him into the sling and then I still had my hands free to shop and care for the girls. There are lots of sling companies out there, like Hot Slings, Baby Slings, and Slingling. I recently found a company called 7 Slings that is giving away FREE slings online when you enter the code drlaura. (Yes, I heard about it listening to Dr. Laura!) My sister used the code and got a free sling and then was directed to get a free nursing top! She only paid shipping, which I think was $11.95. You may want to see if the deal is still being offered. It's a cheap way to figure out if you like slings! Good luck with all your prep!