Jun 28, 2011

Picking up right where we left off

It's hard to believe it's been almost 11 years since we all first met at The University of Toledo, but thanks to MacKinnon Hall, the College of Education, and aerobics classes at the rec center, Lauren, Angie, Heidi and I all met and bonded immediately.  And, the rest is history!

Despite the fact that it's been over 2 years since we were all in the same place, we picked up this weekend just like we'd never been apart.  I love that about these girls.  We can just sit and talk for hours and think nothing of it!  Which is exactly what we ended up doing when they all got here Friday.  Talking is, afterall, what we do best!  I made us all dinner and then had to head out to work a TS party.  But, bright and early on Saturday, we were back together again.

Gavin and I took the girls to the Farmer's Market to walk around a bit, and then hit up the Promenade for some shopping.  Heidi found some great deals for her baby girl.  {I've developed a little more self control and was able to not buy anything!} Gavin and Giovanni enjoyed playing around the fountain and at the train table at Gavin's favorite store to stop in at the mall.

We headed home and had lunch, and just as we were cleaning up, the girls came in with all kinds of baby shower decorations and balloons and started throwing them up real quick for an impromptu baby shower.  How sweet are they???  {Funny story though - Gavin told me Saturday morning that "my friends had balloons and they hid them."  When I asked if I was suppose to know, he said, "No, it's a secret!"}

They got us some really cute baby clothes, Baby Sister's sound machine, a baby food cookbook, and a CD for the kids to listen to in the car.  And of course, we had cake! :)   

The plan was to swim in the afternoon, but the boys' naps didn't match up so by the time they woke up, it was really close to dinner time.  So, instead we headed out.  We took the long way to dinner and showed off a popular tourist spot here - the Duggar's House!  We had a yummy pizza dinner and made our final stop at Yum Yos.

More pics from the weekend to come later...

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Annisa said...

What wonderful friends you have! You are blessed!