May 25, 2011

The Bump

The ever growing bump.  It's so funny how different people say different things.  I can have someone tell me, "Wow!  You're still so small!" one minute, and then go somewhere else the same day and hear, "Man, you're HUGE!"  :)  It doesn't bother me either way.  I love my baby bump, no matter how large it matter how heavy it matter how much it gets in the way at times.


Not Your Mama's Martha! said...

I think we ALL get comments like those... best not to care one bit! ;)

How are you feeling?

I'm 38.5 weeks and feeling so tired and crampy and sleep isn't coming easily. Starting to feel a bit anxious about his arrival, too.

mommy curlz-n-cars said...

Jen, What an AWESOME picture. I think your baby bumb is beautiful, you're great with the camera too!!
Love You.