Mar 29, 2011

Krispy Kreme!

Gavin is definitely my kid when it comes to sweets.  He loves him some dessert!  Ever since Daddy took him to Krispy Kreme on Christmas Eve, he points out the "donut shop" every time we drive by.  So, I knew I had to take him to the Krispy Kreme tour when our playgroup had it scheduled.  He loved it!

He got to feel a donut before it was cooked.  He said it was "squishy."

 He watched the donuts go into the oil and get cooked, and then it was time to decorate his own.  After the nice lady dipped it in chocolate, he was allowed to put his sprinkles on.  

Walking away with his donut in his bag, feeling very proud of himself! :) 

And time to enjoy!

And the sweet little boy was looking out for his daddy...he told me I had to buy some to take home for him, too! :)


Hannah Carter said...

I love the little expression on Gavin's face with his donut bag in hand! So cute! BTW, your nursery is really coming together! It will be so cute for Baby Girl.

Katrin said...

He does look very proud with his donut bag in hand. Very cute. Hannah had a great time too.....she ate the entire donut.