Feb 22, 2011

Pizza Party

I mentioned yesterday how we had a great day Saturday with Amy, Chris, and Lucas.  They came over and the boys played outside for a long time.  I love that the weather is getting nicer.  Gavin is all of a sudden obsessed with playing sports.  He wants to go out all the time to play soccer, hit his golf balls, or his newest toy, swing his baseball bat.  So they played with some balls, dug in the sandbox and played on Gavin's climber/slide.  

Then we grilled pizzas.  Well, we half grilled pizzas.  I put the pizza dough on the grill and cooked on side.  Then, I took the pizzas off and brought them in to top them and put them back on the grill, but the propane ran out just as I did that.  So they had to finish cooking in the oven.  One batch of dough didn't seem to turn out like the other, and I was going to throw it out, but Jarrod and Amy convinced me to try it.  Well, apparently it was good, because Lucas wouldn't stop eating it.  He inhaled that pizza!  I snapped a quick pic of the boys, and there is pizza hanging out of Lucas' mouth.  :)  They're so cute together!

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Amy said...

That picture is too funny! I still can't believe how much of that pizza Lucas ate. Good thing you didn't throw it out :)