Jan 18, 2011

We have to do something!

It's no secret our child is an early bird.  Waking up at 5:30 to 6:00 isn't uncommon for him.  Of course, I'd love for him to sleep a little longer, but we can't really change his internal clock, right? Well, we're going to have to try.  This morning, I heard him crying at 4am and rolled over to check the monitor.  A lot of times if he's still laying down, I'll let him cry for a little bit and he falls back to sleep.  If he's sitting up, I usually go in because he usually has to pee.  Well, I flipped the monitor on just in time to see him climbing out of bed, something he's never done before!  I told Jarrod he was climbing out of bed, so Jarrod got up and met him in the hallway.  He's still crying and when Jarrod asked him what he was doing, he said he was ready to watch his show.  Um....no!  It's 4:00!  It's not time for TV.  I came out, carried him back to the bathroom, changed his pull-up, got him milk and laid on his bed with him for 10 minutes or so.  He cried most of the time but finally did lay back down.  Still, he woke up for the day by 6.  Needless to say, we're tired. 

So, I'm thinking about shelling out some money for something like this: Stoplight Clock  I don't like the bear on it at all, and they only have a girl in a car, but we need to try something!  They also have this one: My Tot Clock This one is more pricey, but it has other features, like a naptime setting and a time out setting, which I kind of like.  And lastly, they have this one: Good Nite Lite This one is more basic, and got mostly good reviews, but it seems like it might be a little on the small side.  

So now I need your help.  If you're reading this and you've used one of these lights or something similar, can you give me your input?  We need something!  I'm not expecting him to sleep until 9 or anything.  He's in bed around 7:30 each night, but if we can get something that will help him stay in bed until 6:30 or 7, especially before Baby Hamm gets here, I think that would be great!  Help me choose!  :)


Annisa said...

Oh dear. I would NOT be ok with 4 am! Even 6:00 would be pushing it for me! Fortunately, my kids all sleep really well. They usually don't get up until 7:45 - sometimes a little earlier and sometimes a little later. That gives me time to shower and get ready for the day before they rise.

I have seen products like the ones you linked to on tv and in print ads before. They seem pretty darn clever! I would go for it. At this point what do you have to lose . . . except more sleep?

Good luck, Mama! :)

mommy curlz-n-cars said...

Well, since it is 11:00 PM right now, and my two-year-old is running around the house shooting a scooby-doo laser gun, and screaming, "Go faster! Go Faster Faster Faster!" at the tv while watching monster trucks, I'd say we have opposite problems. A tiny bit of Mountain Dew in the afternoon would keep him up past 7:30, and a thumb nail of children's benadryl may make him sleep past 4:00. (IM KIDDING!!!!! JUST THOUGHT ID LIGHTEN THE MOOD!!!!!)

In all seriousness I know what you are talking about with the bear, but I do like the visual of the stoplight. It just seems like it would be totally clear and easy to get used to. I think I'd go with that one. I know what it means to go without sleep, its not easy at ALL, especially in your state!! Good Luck!