Jan 27, 2011

Thirteen Thursday

13 reasons I blog and love reading blogs...in no particular order.
  1. It's a place where I document our lives and capture all the memories I want to cherish forever.
  2. Blogging about my daily life will allow me to always remember my days as a stay-at-home-mom.
  3. This blog keeps our family 'in the loop' since we don't live close.
  4. Keeping my blog and reading my friends' lets me stay connected with all the friends I miss so much - I just wish more of them would blog.  :)
  5. I can express myself - I've always been a writer.  Journals, letters, etc.  This is my journal.
  6. It lets me share my experiences with other moms and get input about things we're going through.
  7. It gives me a place to share some info about my Tastefully Simple business with others.
  8. I like to swap recipe ideas with friends, family, and other bloggers.
  9. I've learned so much about parenting, activities to do with Gavin, and photography from other blogs I follow.
  10. I love leaving comments on other people's blogs and reading what comments are left on mine.
  11. It's my 'me time' most days.  I love starting the morning off checking my favorite blogs and updating mine if I have time.
  12. It's a lot quicker and less expensive than my previous scrapbooking obsession.  I still miss scrapbooking some days, but at least with my blog I can stay current.
  13. It's my little home on the internet.  :)

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Open and Shut Case said...

blogging is wonderful-don't know where i'd be without it!