Jan 30, 2011

The clock

So, we broke down and bought this clock for Gavin:
He was so excited about using it, and it has worked pretty well.  Most mornings he is still awake early, like 5, because he has to go to the bathroom, but he will usually go back to sleep.  Three days during the last week he actually slept til 6:30!  Wonderful!  One morning he woke up ten minutes before 6 (the clock was set for 6) and Jarrod went in to get him up, but Gavin refused to get up because the light wasn't green yet.  Most mornings we hear from his room, "It turned green, guys!  Woohoo!"  The last two nights he has slept awful.  I'm not sure why...just up a lot. This morning, we'd set the clock forward to 6:20 to see what happened.  It obviously wasn't happening today.  He woke up at 5:45 to go potty, then sat on his bed for like 30 minutes, yelling, "Mom!  Mom!  Mommy!  Mom!  Mommy!  Jen!  Jen!  Jen!"  At one point he started growling my name, more like he was a monster, and we heard, "Mom!  Come back in here!"  It was cute, but we were tired...so I eventually came in to lay on his bed until it turned green so Jarrod could sleep in, since he let me sleep in yesterday.  Overall, I'm happy with the clock...I think it will keep getting better.  I'm glad we decided to get it!

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Katie said...

So cute! I'm glad it's working. I'll keep that in mind for later!

-Katie (kd+bc)