Sep 30, 2010

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Sep 28, 2010

Tastefully Simple Event

I'm still looking for a few more people to participate in my Tastefully Simple "Grand Event."  It's simple to do - email me to let me know you're interested and I'll mail you catalogs and order forms.  Then, for a 10 day period at the beginning of October, you show the catalog to your family, friends, and coworkers and collect orders.  Your job is to collect at least $100 in orders.  If you complete that task, you're name will go in a drawing for free products!  Are you ready for this???  If 10 people participate and all 10 collect $100 in orders, the winner will get at least $150 to spend on Tastefully Simple products!!!  Imagine all the products you could stock your pantry with and all the gifts you could buy!  So hurry....I only have a few more spots open.  Email me soon!

Alone time

Gavin definitely wants me to play with him most of the day, but every once in a while, he'll go in and play with his trains all alone.  The trains are what keeps him the most occupied.  While he was in there playing last week, I snuck these photos from the doorway.  I love them.  I love him. 

Sep 27, 2010

Just some cuteness

Wednesdays are Jarrod's class day, so we have the whole day to ourselves.  These pics were taken last week.  I hadn't take many pictures recently and just wanted to start photographing our day.  Some random cuteness coming your way!

Eating lunch.  I loved the way his apple slices looked with his little teeth marks in them.
 Getting ready for nap....I set up the self-timer again to snap a few shots.  After the ones of him reading, he wanted one of me tickling him.  Even though it cut off our heads, I love it!

Then he asked me to take a picture of Woody.
 After dinner we went for a walk.  First stop was to see the cows at the end of the street, and then we continued around the neighborhood looking for leaves to use this week for crafts. 

Of course we miss Daddy when he's gone all day, but I sure do love my time with the Bug!

Sep 26, 2010

Tot School

Tot School
We're learning about fall right now.  Last week, I focused on some apple activities, and still have more I'd like to do if we get to them.  This coming week we'll do the letter L and some leaf art projects.  It finally feels like fall here, too!

I made this card for Gavin and put the letter tiles out for him to match.  While we did it the first time, I sang Daddy's name in the 'Name-O' song Gav loves so much.  Just a few days later, he we spelling Daddy on his own. 
 A is for apple and alligator!
 A fall themed book I made for him
We used popsicle sticks this time to put into the creamer jar.  It turned out that we did a lot of learning with them!  There were different colors, so he sorted them by color, then counted how many of each there were.  We talked about which one had more, etc.  The pic on the right is of a shape matching game I found online and printed/laminated for him.
Apple stamping

Sep 25, 2010

Go Buckeyes!

Thanks to my mom and Jarrod's mom, the whole family has new Buckeye gear to wear this fall!

Sep 23, 2010

Thirteen Thursday

13 things on my mind right now....
  1. I can't wait until the first frost so my allergies take a break.
  2. This little boy cracks me up...."I love carpet!"  Seriously, Gavin???
  3. I wonder if Gavin will wear a Halloween costume this year....I'm guessing no.
  4. I really need to get all my photos uploaded to Shutterfly.  I was doing so well remembering to do them monthly until we moved here.  Now, I have to get caught up since April!
  5. I'm glad Jarrod's off tomorrow, but I wish it wasn't going to rain.
  6. I wonder how my Tastefully Simple 'Grand Event' will turn out.
  7. I can't believe my little bug hasn't worn a diaper in 12 days!
  8. Why did Gavin wake up at 5:30 today?  After two nights of not sleeping well because I've been up sneezing all night, I really could have slept a little longer!
  9. I wish I could find an apple orchard to take Gavin apple picking.  (This is definitely a reason to miss NY!)
  10. I'm excited Juli is coming over today.  I'm really looking forward to getting to know more Hip Mamas.
  11. I need to call Valinda!
  12. Since we're celebrating Christmas a month early, I better start thinking about gifts.
  13. It's time to fold laundry.  Lovely.

Sep 20, 2010

Fattening Weekend

I'm afraid to even step on the scale this week....I know it's not going to be good.  First of all, I was having a Tastefully Simple party at my house this weekend.  At one point, my RSVP list was at 21.  I prepared TONS of food (more than for a typical party) and unfortunately had TONS of last minute cancellations and no-shows.  It was quite shocking and frustrating, and meant that I have TONS of leftovers I've been eating.  (But, I still had fun with the few people that showed up and got to know some of my fellow Hip Mamas!)

On top of that, we finally had a Poop Party at our house yesterday.  It was quite the traumatic experience after days of not pooping at all, but Gavin finally did it!  That meant....chocolate chip cookies!  Blah!  Just thinking of how many I've eaten today makes me sick.  I have to get back on track....Soon!

The last week has been crazy.  My allergies have been the worst they've been so far this year, we were potty training and I picked up babysitting days for both Gracie and Jake.  So, needless to say, I haven't been taking many photos.  I'll get back on track with that, too.  First, I need a nap!

Sep 18, 2010

Tot School

Gavin is 28.5 months old.
Tot School
Lots of dinosaur things this week....we were learning about the letter D!

The photo on the right is a large ziploc bag filled with paint and then taped shut.  We used it to draw shapes and letters and then smoothed it out to erase.  Kind of a homemade Magna-Doodle.  Gavin really liked it.