Jun 28, 2010

Sometimes the unexpected is a good thing

You may remember a while back I talked about starting potty training. Yeah, that wasn't going over so well. Gavin never wanted to sit on it, and I didn't force him. I knew that this was ultimately going to be his decision and on his time. So, yesterday, when he kept trying to take his diaper off, I asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty, full expecting him to say, "No, Mom!" but he said yes! So off we went, and HE WENT POTTY! I couldn't believe it. We couldn't wait to tell Daddy when he got home.

Gavin got a chocolate chip for going in the potty. When he asked for more, I told him he only could have a chocolate chip when he went potty, and he of course wanted to go again. I think he peed in the the potty 3 times in the 10 minutes because he wanted more chocolate chips. But, it seems to be working. All day yesterday, we went through one pull-up. I put a diaper on him at naptime, and he woke up soaked, which I was expecting. But, so far this morning, he's kept his pull-up dry! When did he get so big???

And yes, I took pictures! Don't all moms take pictures? :)

Yes, in this photo, his potty is in our room. I wasn't expecting him to want to sit on the potty, so I tried to encourage him the first time by bringing it to him so he could still see what was going on with Handy Manny. :)

Jun 27, 2010


I think these pictures are proof that we just need to have LaRosa's spaghetti sauce sent to us more often. Yes....he inhaled the spaghetti! Thanks for bringing it, Mimi and Beepa!

Jun 26, 2010

Jarrod's New Toy

Remember the gifts I mentioned that my parents brought with them? Well here was Jarrod's. It's a very early birthday/part Christmas gift; my mom even wrapped it in half birthday wrapping paper and half Christmas wrapping paper. Briana called it his Birthmas gifts. :)
And, since you can't have a margarita machine without the margaritas, Dad threw in these....

My Dad has a margarita machine, and Jarrod loves it. So when they were getting ready to come down, Jarrod told dad to make sure he brought his golf clubs and the margarita machine. They decided to surprise him with his own, because according to them, they aren't going to bring theirs every time they visit. :) And, I'm super excited about it, too....I didn't realize we can use it to make all kinds of frozen drinks. I'm looking forward to making slushies for Gavin this summer and maybe a Frozen Mt. Dew every once in a while for me. :)

Jun 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Gigi!

Happy Birthday! We all miss you so much. It's not the same without hearing all your silly phrases. I think about you all the time. Love you!

Pool time with the Aunt and Uncle

I think this might be the last batch of pics from Mimi and Beepa's visit. They came down with a van full of goodies for us all. One of Gavin's gifts was a this new Little Tikes inflatable pool. It stays connected to the hose and water sprays everywhere. Gavin loved swimming with Ty Ty and Tyler (oops, I mean Ty Ty and Ana! When I just showed Gavin these pictures, he was back to calling them Ty Ty and Tyler.) We have since used the pool several times - it's our "on ground" pool, as Valinda called it. :)

Jun 24, 2010

Thirteen Thursday

I've mentioned before how it makes me mad when I don't take pictures of family when we're visiting them or they're here. This time, I made it a point to get pictures of my family's visit, even if it meant that I had to take them myself! :) So, here are 13 random shots of my family from their trip here.

My parents, my son, and me....such a great picture, despite that we were all sweaty! (Except Gavin, who obviously had just gotten out of the bath!) On our way to the safari

Gavin sharing his love of Sesame Street with his Aunt and Uncle
Gavin and Beepa
Me and my Daddy
Briana and me ~ Sisters!
Tyler and his big (best) sis
My mama

Briana's legs!Beautiful Bri!

Jun 23, 2010

Wild Wilderness Drive Thru Safari - Part 3

Just a few more shots I took at the safari of some of the animals. Enjoy!

I don't know why, but this cow was kinda creepy to me. I think because she was so skinny and because how she just stood on the bridge watching us. Briana agreed with me....just a little freaky.
Look at how tiny this baby goat is! He was absolutely adorable. I just wanted to pick him up and carry him around!

Wordless Wednesday