Dec 20, 2010

8 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 8 Weeks
Size of baby: Baby Hamm is the size of a raspberry.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: +3lbs - up another pound.
Maternity Clothes: Still in my clothes, but can't always button my jeans!
Gender: gut says it's another boy right now though.
Movement: Too early.
Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty good!  Naps are common these days.
What I miss: Definitely my baths right now.
Cravings: Sauteed onions - strange, I know.  But I had some on a sandwich last Thursday and haven't stopped thinking about them since...I had some yesterday on our subs and again today with my lunch.
Symptoms: The nausea has been ok these days.  I've been able to eat dinner the last few nights without feeling sick afterwards.  The sleepiness is still there though.
Best Moment this week: Shopping for Big Boy furniture for Gavin's room while he was wearing his Big Brother shirt. :)

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Belle's Butterfly said...

You are so cute. Gavin is going to be such a good big brother!