May 27, 2010

Thirteen Thursday

I'm going to try a new post idea I got from another blog. It may not happen every week, but we'll see. Each Thursday, there will be a topic, and I'll list my top 13! :)

This week, 13 things Gavin has said that has brought a smile to our faces...

1. "Daddy, what are you doing?" in a "Who do you think you are?" type of voice as he watched Jarrod climb up on a chair to clean the top of the refrigerator.

2. "Penis in there." I hear that almost every time I change his diaper now.

3. He started requesting to watch Bob the Builder...and he sings the theme song! The words say..."Bob the Builder, Can we fix it? Bob the Builder, Yes we can!" When Gavin sings it, he says, "Bob the Builder, Fix it? Can!" :)

4. After we called him Gavin Jack one night, he started calling us "Mommy Jack" and "Daddy Jack."

5. "Shirley pooped. Change diaper." He said this to me as he was patting her belly one silly.

6. This week, we've been reading about and doing crafts pertaining to frogs. Of course, that means Froggy books right? Well, most of my classroom books are packed up and the library only had one Froggy book in. Froggy Goes To School. I heard Gavin "reading" it before he fell asleep for his nap..."Bye, at school!" :) My little reader!

7. He now repeats warnings I've told him, so he'll go in, put his fingers in the scanner part of the printer and say, "Careful of your fingers."

8. "Yummy water!" as he drank out of Shirley's water bowl like a dog....nice, Gavin!

9. Gavin is definitely my kid - he loves peanut butter on a bagel and the other day, he found my Nutella and wanted "chocolate." So, I put peanut butter and nutella on a bagel for him for breakfast. He loved it and now says at least once a day, "Peanut butter chocolate please!"

10. "Mimi and Beepa coming!" We're excited to see you guys :)

11. Gavin's been swimming every week since we moved here for swim lessons. I take him, so it makes Jarrod smile every weekend when we ask what he wants to do and he says, "Swimming with Daddy!"

12. A new favorite phrase...."Oh man!" Not sure where he picked that one up; I don't feel like we say that very often.

13. Though Daddy hears it more than me (when he's leaving for work) we both smile when we hear, "Love you!" :)

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Danielle said...

Love it Jen!!!

Cute Idea :)