May 31, 2010

Is this normal???

**Sara - don't read any further....this post is bound to give you an anxiety attack!**

Jarrod took off Thursday and Friday, so we had a nice 5 day weekend off with Daddy. On Friday we decided to drive up to Springfield, Missouri to visit Bass Pro Shop. (More pictures from that excursion coming later.) So, here we are, driving about 55 mph up a Missouri highway, when all of a sudden we realize the truck in front of us has a dog lying on top of the tool box that's mounted in the bed of the truck. John and Erin were with us, and it took us all by surprise. I've actually seen this several times since moving here, but this was a first for the rest of them.

At first we thought maybe the owner had a chain or leash through the back window to make sure he didn't fall off - but then he stood up and that theory went out the window....there was NO window in the back of the truck! The dog stood up and started walking on the tool box, while we're still driving down the highway! Of course, I had to grab my camera.To make the story even more unbelievable, another dog came out from under the tool box and jumped up on top, too! You can kind of see him curled up underneath the tool box to the right of the white bucket. We were all laughing too hard for me to get a picture of the both of them up there. The second dog soon realized he had a more comfortable spot under the tool box, jumped back down and curled up again, and the first dog eventually laid back down. It was crazy!

Seeing dogs in the back of a truck makes me nervous in general....but when you see them on top of a tool box!!! WOW!!! Where exactly did we move to?

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Sara said...

Oh my goodness! Ok, my first thought is why didn't you call the police?!? The license plate is clear in the picture so I KNOW you could see it! Those poor dogs! I'm on the phone right now with the Missouri State Police Dept.turning those crazy people in to the Humane Society.