Mar 8, 2010

Brings back memories

Most of you know that my grandparents lived next door to us pretty much my whole life. Obviously, I have tons of wonderful memories of them. This weekend, I did something with Gavin that brought back memories of them. We fed the birds! :) Grandma and Grandpa used to have this random block of concrete in their backyard. Sometimes we'd feed the bird there; other times we'd just feed them right out the front or back door. We used to take the end pieces of bread or stale bread and break it up and watch the birds come eat. Something so simple, but has so many great memories related to it. So, since all the snow finally melted off our patio and we heard bird chirping, I decided to feed the birds with Gavin.

He had a great time, and I got cute pictures, but there weren't a lot of birds. Only two or three birds came. And the bread actually lasted until the next day when more birds finally came to eat! But he loved watching them pick up the bread and fly up in the tree next to the patio. They kept going under my car, too, which he thought was pretty funny. I bet Grandma and Grandpa were watching!

Shirley was VERY interested, too! She kept barking though and I think that scared some birds away.

I love how he laughs and holds his hand to his mouth now. Makes him look so grown up!

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*Megan said...

:) This made my day.