Feb 10, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

Sorry for the change to my routine post - today I have A LOT to say! :)

Bloom where you are planted....
If you know me well, you know that the thought of moving to New York scared me to death. I wasn't sure how I was going to adjust and being so far from my family saddened me. Heidi gave me such a beautiful, meaningful gift when we moved here. When she and I met in college when we were 18, she'd already lived in 5 states. She knows just how I was feeling. So, soon after we got here, we met for coffee as she and Anthony were driving through New York and she gave me this picture she'd taken. "Bloom where you are planted," it says. It means so much to me and I look at it everyday.
I think I've done a pretty good job at "blooming" here in New York. In all honesty, I like it a lot more than I ever thought I would. There is sooo much to do with Gavin and as a family. Coming here and not knowing anyone with no family around made Jarrod, Gavin, and I a closer, stronger family. We know now we can conquer anything....
And so, now it's time for us to "bloom" again. Our time in Rochester has been shorter than we expected. We're moving on. Jarrod has accepted a job working at Walmart/Sam's Club's Home Office so in the next month, we'll be packing up and heading to Bentonville, Arkansas. This is a HUGE move for us. It's bittersweet. We'll be moving a little farther away from our hometown than we are now and we'll be leaving all the people and places we've grown to love here. But we know in our hearts, it's the best decision. The position will mean that Jarrod will not be working in a club, which means he'll avoid all the stress and chaos of retail. This will be a Monday-Friday job with normal hours and holidays off. Imagine that! No more getting home at 11pm and working on Saturdays. That is exciting! Plus, the cost of living is so much more affordable, so we're excited to find a nice home with a lot more space for our family and a yard for Shirley to rent (for less rent than we're paying here I might add!)
I will track the journey here on our blog so that you all can keep informed. We love our families so much and we're so lucky to have so much support with this move. It means the world to us!


Jill said...

Wow Jen! What big news!! Congrats on Jarrod's new job position, that will be great for your family! Best of luck to you with the move again! I'm sure you'll grow to love wherever you are!!

mommy curlz-n-cars said...

Bloom where you are planted? Nothing could keep such an amazing and beautiful woman from "blooming" anywhere. Jen, you could bloom in a closet void of air and water!!

(I have to agree it is a beautiful picture and sentiment though, perfect for this time in your life.) It's too bad that you have to move your "seeds" even further away from us than you are now, but it is what God has in store for you right now. You guys will grow even stronger for it. (I remember Kev's retail days. It was an extremely trying time, and I am thrilled that you guys have a better schedule ahead of you.)

We will keep you in our prayers as your journey continues, and you continue to BLOSSOM!!