Feb 22, 2010

Train obsessed!

Gavin is obsessed with his trains! It's a very rare day now when I have toys other than trains to clean up. He wakes up saying 'choo choo track' and goes to bed with at least one train, usually one for each hand. I can't wait until we can get him a train table. Maybe Beepa will help Daddy build him one.....hint hint. Sounds like a great vacation idea to me!

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mommy curlz-n-cars said...

I threw a ROCKIN Thomas the Train birthday party for Gracie when she turned three. I can give you some very cute ideas, and tell you how me made the cake. It was adorable. And, if you are moving, save some of your larger boxes, and I will tell you how to turn them into choo choo trains. This is an easy party to downsize, if weren't thinking of doing something wild and crazy like the Mann's do. No matter how big or small it turns out, its cute, and the birtday kid loves it.