Feb 18, 2010

It's things like this I want to remember ALWAYS

It amazes me how independent Gavin is becoming. He can follow directions and helps out by doing many things, like at night he takes his clothes and puts them in his hamper for me. We keep Gavin's shoes in a drawer in his dresser since he only had a few pairs. He loves to go grab shoes from his drawer when it's time to leave and I tell him we have to put his shoes on. He's also good at putting his shoes back in his drawer if I ask him.

Earlier this week, I gave him his shoes and asked him to put them in his drawer. Off he went to his room.... Later that day, I went in to put laundry away. I opened the bottom drawer to put his pajamas away and just smiled.
There in his drawer, were all his pajamas and the shoes I asked him to put away. I know it's weird that I took a picture of it, but when I saw the shoes in there, my heart just melted and I couldn't stop smiling. They were in the wrong drawer, but he tried to help out. So sweet.... I always want to remember things like this from when Gavin was little.


*Megan said...

I like that they're lined up like his train cars :) So cute!

Amy said...

Aww, so cute! I would have taken a picture as well!