Feb 11, 2010

In case you didn't believe me....

We got video proof of how much Gavin hates getting his hair cut today. Last time was such a disaster that we decided to try a new place today. Haircuts for Peanuts. It was an adorable little place with trains and circus animals painted all over the wall. He got his hair cut in his own little room with a tv and got to pick what movie he wanted to watch. Thomas, of course! We thought this would distract him and he'd do better. We were wrong.

Jarrod got the first minute and a half on video. We probably spent 20 minutes on the whole cut, and it actually got worse after the camera went off. I ended up sitting in the chair and holding him, while his hands gripped the cape she put on me and he screamed bloody murder. But, in the end, he looks adorable! Pictures to come soon!



Danielle said...

Jen, it made me cry a little bit just watching it :(

Jill said...

If it makes you feel any better, Braden is EXACTLY the same way! He screams bloody murder and we have to pin him down while he screams. It's worse than shots! So, I feel your pain but one day it'll get better!!