May 31, 2009

First birthday pictures...REALLY late!

When Jill asked if she could see Gavin's first birthday pictures from Portrait Innovations again, I realized I never posted them online. Here are my favorites...a month after turning 1! :)

May 22, 2009

Flashback Friday

Our good friend, Robin, recently started a blog and I added her to my Blog List, so I thought these pictures would be fitting for Flashback Friday. These were taken on our visit to Toledo to visit Robin and meet baby Owen when he was just about 3 months old. Lauren, Angie, Heidi, and I took advantage of the trip and did our Christmas gift exchange while we were there. We literally spent the whole time talking or eating! We had lunch, hung out in the hotel room and talked with Lauren, then went back out to dinner. :)

May 21, 2009


In the past three weeks, Gavin's gained about 10 ounces, bringing him up to 19lbs 2oz. He's slowly starting to take an up-turn on the growth chart, but is still small! I love him just the way he is. :) He is getting a little better with eating table foods. Today he tried (and actually ate a few bites of) a meatball. I take what I can get!

May 18, 2009

Signing 'more'

I think it's ok to brag...Gavin is so darn smart! :) I've been signing a few signs with him for a while, and he started doing 'milk' early on. Over the past couple of weeks, though, he's created his own version of 'more.' It isn't the exact sign, but it's close enough! We know what he's telling us. Last night, after giving him some Motrin before bed, he signed 'more.' I had to laugh, thinking about my son, asking for more medicine. Aunt Meggie got a kick out of that one too! :) video

May 17, 2009

The future Mrs. Gavin Pate???

Meet Addy Rahe! This adorable 4 month old is the daughter of our good friends, Greg and Courtney. Greg and Jarrod were roommates in college. When we found out they were expecting a little girl, it was immediately tossed around that they'd obviously marry some day! :) So, I had this bib made for Courtney's baby shower gift. Isn't she adorable??? Looks just like her daddy!

Poor little nose

What a horrible morning! Gavin loves to play on the bed, and was, as usual, crawling back and forth between mommy and daddy this morning after waking up early. Daddy got up to go to the bathroom, and just as mommy got out of bed, my little bug lunged forward and fell! It broke my heart to see him falling and not be able to catch him. I cried as hard as he did. I was so worried about him, but the only thing that happened was rug burn on his nose. He looks like Rudolph! Talk about severe Mommy Guilt!

Congratulations, Angie and Andy!

Angie is now officially Mrs. McPeak! The bride was absolutely beautiful, but I didn't take my camera, so I'll post pictures once she is back from Jamaica and sends me some :) We're all so happy for you both!

May 12, 2009

Meeting "Chicks"

No....not those kind of chicks. We incubate chicks every year in first grade. Of course, I saw this as a great photo op! So, I took Gavin today to meet the chicks. It didn't go quite as planned. He was actually a lot more interested in them than I thought, and he tried to grab them! He did get a hold of one and picked it up. After I told him no several times, he gave up and wanted nothing to do with them. But, in the 5 minutes that we snapped pictures, I did get a few good ones. Here they are!

May 7, 2009

Girls' Night Post-Babies

Before Gavin and Giovanni came along, Angie, Heidi, Lauren and I got together every three months or so for a girls' night. Well, it's been a while since we had a sleepover, and I really wanted to host one last girls' night here, so we did just that last weekend.
We hung out at the house and opened some gifts (to celebrate Gavin, Heidi, and Lauren's birthdays) and then went out to dinner. Once the little guys were fast asleep, the girls and I drank wine, gave massages, and sat around and talked like old times. It was wonderful! I'm going to miss that!!! We ended the weekend with breakfast at Bob Evans before they headed back home. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

May 1, 2009

Flashback Friday

It's May!!! That means...Angie is getting married this month! These pictures were taken back in February 2008, when Andy proposed to her at a birthday dinner. I got an email in late 2007 from Andy saying he wanted some help with a "surprise for Angie." We all knew immediately what that surprise was! Jarrod and I went to Columbus, and went out to dinner with Lauren, Jeff, and Heidi. Soon after arriving, Angie and Andy showed up. Of course, she was a little confused about why we were all there, but it was her birthday dinner, so it looked like we'd just come for that. But...Andy immediately got down on one knee! Don't you love the picture of them on their cell phones??? That was about 5 minutes after the "Yes!" response. :)