Oct 28, 2009

Vacation, Part 3

Wordless Wednesday is off today so that I can finish uploading vacation shots. There are a ton today, so be prepared! After we got back from our visit home, we drove up to Gananoque, Ontario Canada to see the Thousand Islands area. It was gorgeous! Thousand Islands is a region in New York and Canada along the St. Lawrence River. Literally there are over 1800 islands throughout the river and it's so breathtaking! We were there during their off season, so there wasn't a ton to do. But, we enjoyed a boat tour of the islands and drove around some of the towns to see the scenery. Here are some pictures from our two days there. :)

We wanted to find a cabin, but they were really expensive, so we found a suite at Holiday Inn Express. Gavin made himself at home immediately. He jumped right on the couch and picked up the phone to say "Hello!" We ended up unplugging the phone because he wanted to play with it so much! The afternoon that we got there, we found one of the only boat tours that was still running and bought tickets for a 1 hour tour. Here are some pictures from the tour.
While waiting for the boat

On the boat

Boldt Castle - this place was gorgeous - from the outside! Of course, the tours of the castle stopped the weekend before we got there so we couldn't go in. The story behind Boldt Castle is very tragic - a man building it for his wife, but then she unexpectedly died and he couldn't finish it, so he moved back to Europe.

He built that gorgeous castle for his wife, and this is what he built for his mother-in-law! On it's own little island, and she couldn't swim! The tour guide said he would drop her off in the spring and pick her up in the fall.

This was his yacht house
This is the shortest international bridge. There is a house on one island, which is in Canada, but their "backyard" with a flagpole is on another island, connected by the bridge. Well, the backyard is actually on the American side of the river. So, here you have the shortest international bridge!
On Thursday, we drove around and stopped to take pictures along the Island Parkway. Here is one of the gorgeous houses. Keep in mind that this is on its own little island! You have to take a boat to get to your house. :) Don't you like how they have a little boat garage?
On Thursday, we went up in the observation tower to see the whole region. I think the guide said we were 400ft above the water. I could be wrong... It was a foggy day and the rain was moving in so the pictures don't really do it justice. It was breathtaking!

Once the rain moved in, we just went back and hung out in the hotel room. Gavin loved the jacuzzi tub we had. He played in there a couple times each day! He loved that he could watch Sesame Street from the tub. :)

Overall it was a great trip. I wish it had been a little warmer, and the food we ate for dinner each night was awful, but the fall colors were gorgeous! It was a great place to visit, and we'd loved to go back next summer to spend more time on the water. Once we got home from Canada, we spent the weekend at home to close out our vacation. We had a wonderful week!

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Sara said...

You know I've been here in spirit! It's just taken me awhile to get things organized. Love the picture of Gavin on the phone. The pics from vaca are beautiful!