Feb 24, 2015


In comparison to last year, we had a very different winter.  Much less snow and much less germs!  But, February came through for us.

February break started with a sick Gavin.  He woke up the first Sunday of break, complaining of feeling so tired and was really emotional.  Through the day, he started saying his head hurt, took a nap but couldn't quite quick the grogginess, etc.  I knew he wasn't feeling well because of the tears...he's a really emotional sick person.  I took him to the doctor on Monday afternoon, and sure enough, strep throat.  What a way to kick off February break!  But...within just a couple days, he was back to 100% and we enjoyed a nice week off from school. 

And then, surprise!  The snow finally found it's way to Arkansas.  We ended up with an extra long February break because of the bonus of two snow days.  Once Daddy got home that Monday (because Mommy wasn't feeling the best that day), the kids got to go out and enjoy a little snow time.  I love playing in the snow!

That same night, Gavin went to bed saying his belly was hurting, and we were awaken around 10 that night to him getting sick.  Fun stuff.  But, it was a one time thing and he seemed fine the next day. 

Fast forward to this week, and this time our Monday morning started off bright and early with little miss saying her tummy didn't feel good.  That was the start of 12 hours of constant vomiting.  First stomach bug for our baby girl.  She was pathetic!  And while she's still not back to her normal self, she did eat about 1/4 of a bagel this morning and has kept it down.  The sweet girl is napping right now and I am keeping my fingers crossed that she may wake up wanting to eat a little more.  We sure have spent a lot of time on the couch with Disney Jr. over the last 24 hours!

Of course, the snow and germs has thrown my training schedule for a bit of a loop and I'm behind on my miles for February, but I'll get there.  Just 4.5 weeks until the race!  I did my longest run to date last weekend...7.8 miles. :)  Shooting for 8.5 this weekend.

Feb 17, 2015

Being Gavin

He's almost seven.  SEVEN.  I can't even explain how that happened.  We're halfway through our first grade year and he's excelling at school.  He makes us so proud.  We rewarded him with the Star of the Day plate back in January when he was named Terrific Kid for the week and brought home a super report card on the same day.

He's pretty much obsessed with anything Lego, Star Wars, and Minecraft right now.  I was expecting Skylanders overload since he got his first video game for Christmas, but surprisingly that hasn't taken over.  His room is always a disaster with Legos everywhere, and it makes me completely anxious to walk in his room and see Star Wars Legos mixed with Chima Legos and bricks from Lego City.  My organized mind needs them all separate...but not his.

He's been creating things to submit to Lego Club magazine, too.  He's hoping some of his cool creations get published and that he might win their recent contest. :) 

Minecraft is the newest obsession.  It's one that I don't understand at all...and I can't say I enjoy the constant stories about zombies and creepers and survival mode.  But, his little mind is definitely loving it and he's always thinking of what he will create next.  Science is another love.  He's really enjoying the science kits he got for Christmas and the family is liking our Science Sunday tradition.

The personality on this kid goes from one extreme to the next.  He is a very quiet, reserved, and cautious kid one minute, and then dancing around being goofy the next.  We certainly do love the funny side of him just as much as the serious.  I've always worried about how sensitive he is and how that will play out as he gets older around his peers.  Time will tell, I suppose, but for now I try really hard to keep communication open with him and encourage him to talk about his feelings and be ok with letting us know when something is bothering him.

I definitely have more pictures these days of his selfie-obsessed sister, but usually he sees me pull out the phone or camera and immediately hides his face or runs the other way.  But every once in a while, he will ask me to take a picture to show something to Daddy or to send to Mimi.  That always makes me happy. :)  And lately, he's been asking me if he can lay with me while we're just hanging on the couch watching some tv or for our movie night, which is a welcome request since it's usually Riley asking if she can snuggle with me.  I love these close moments with my boy.

 I love being able to go into his classroom and volunteer weekly (though I am taking a break from that until April as I prepare to run this half marathon and need that morning for running now).  It's reassuring to see him in his element and see how he is around his friends.  Until Gavin was born, I never wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom, and even after he was born, I never expected to be one.  When our life took a turn (for NY!) and I left my career to raise him (and now Riley, too) my entire view of what was important changed.  I get asked a lot if I will go back to work full-time when Riley starts kindergarten, but I know in my heart that I won't.  When I'm in his classroom, watching him and helping the school staff, it is so rewarding and I love being so present in his life.

 We're currently on snow day #2 after a week off for February break.  I'm not gonna lie and say it's been all giggles and smiles.  Brother and Sister have definitely had enough of one another and are ready for a little separation.  But I am soaking up every minute I get to spend with him.  I'm looking forward to a new adventure with our Bug - soccer starts in two weeks!  {Ok...let's be honest.  Soccer isn't my favorite, but neither was Thomas the Train, or Star Wars, or Legos...being a mom changes you!}  I'm excited to see how he interacts with his peers in his first team sport and to see what he loves and what he hates about it.  {He decided to stop Cub Scouts because the times conflicted and he was really excited to try soccer for the first time.} 

We love this little man so much!

Feb 6, 2015

Oh, Riley Girl

As I was going through photos and figuring out what I needed to catch up on next, I decided that maybe I'd just focus on one kiddo at a time.  I have so many silly pics of this crazy girl.  She drives me bananas, brings me to giggles, and warms my heart....every single day.  

I knew it was only a matter of time before she got into my makeup.  She loves to dress up and look at herself in the mirror.  Often times I'll give her my old makeup brush and she pretends to do her makeup while I get ready. Of course, the only times she has been naughty with my makeup has been with my expensive stuff....once time digging out almost my entire, new container of concealer, and another time dumping my mineral veil on the carpet because it 'needed to smell good.' This, however, was the first time she got into my makeup and used it on herself...but she really wanted a beard like Daddy!

And she loves to brush my hair and make me pretty.

Of course, I can't update about Riley and NOT mention ballet/tap class.  The girl is obsessed with it!  She has had three classes now, and absolutely adores it.  Two of the three Wednesdays she has worn her tights and leotard all day, and on the first day she cried all the way home because she wanted to stay in the class and not leave.  I'm not gonna lie....I'm slightly overwhelmed at the thought of becoming a 'dance mom.'  Haha!  Of course she'd pick something so pricey to fall in love with.

Despite her love of dancing, she's still quite clumsy.  Like the time she was walking through the grocery store with her hands in her pockets and decided she'd try a dance move while still walking....that involved crossing her legs.  Cue tripping and falling flat on her face!

Riley has such an amazing personality and sense of fashion.  She seriously cracks me .  This is how she dressed herself to go for a walk around the neighborhood....

 And at least five days a week she's seen in this purple dress (and yes, sometimes it's backwards...purposely.)

Maybe I shouldn't be so proud of her for this...but the girl loves some Taylor Swift and can really rock the lyrics in the car with me.  :)  Her new favorite part is in 'Blank Space' and she says (in her words...) "I can junk in jealousy. You come back each time I see. Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream."

And, boy oh boy, you can only imagine how this makes my heart leap when I see her pretending to be a teacher!  She's all about pretend play these days.  I love when she's 'going to the grocery store' with her babies and when she talks to her friends on her phone.  One of these days I'm going to capture on video how she makes faces at herself every time she gets up to wash her hands or brushes her teeth.  Seriously, so funny!

Love you, Riley girl.

Jan 16, 2015

Christmas Day!

Ok, ready for this??  Our Christmas morning started at 4:30am.  FOUR THIRTY in the morning!  Gavin, even though I explained the night before that the kids were to call for us when the light in Riley's room turned green, came into our room at like 4:00 and whispered, 'Merry Christmas!' Yes, son...Merry Christmas.  Now go back to bed.  So he heads back to Riley's room, and I hear him over the monitor trying to wake her up.  Are you serious, child??  I tried, unsuccessfully, to have them just come snuggle in our bed.  Finally around 5am, I went out to the living room with them.  We got cinnamon rolls ready, took pictures in front of the tree, and they played with the umbrellas Santa brought until about 5:30, when I could no long keep them distracted, and Jarrod came out so we could open gifts.

 Gavin was SO excited to finally get his first video game.  He was thrilled to finally get Skylanders for the Wii!

We enjoyed our homemade cinnamon rolls and started our morning of building Legos, opening gifts, and exploring all the fun things Santa brought.  I honestly thought the kids would crash.  Nope.  Before I knew it, we were off to deliver cinnamon rolls to the fire station and headed to see Big Hero 6 at the theater, one of our newer traditions. (We started that last year!)  The movie was hilarious, and Riley made it almost to the end before she was just done and ready for a nap.  She crashed and took a great nap, but was the only one of us that got to sleep that day.  Craziness.  

We had an amazing Christmas this year.  It just makes my heart happy when I see how magical the holidays are through the eyes of the kids.  And I just cherish every minute of the family time!  I miss see my family at Christmas time, but when I hear friends complaining constantly about all the hustle and bustle of traveling from place to place to place and never getting to just relax and enjoy a quiet moment with their kids, it makes me grateful that our holidays are filled with family memories and not stress.

Alright...more Christmas pics coming when I transfer iPhone pics!

Jan 12, 2015

Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Eve always starts out like any other day when Christmas falls in the middle of the week because Jarrod still has to work.  The kids and I had our normal morning...nothing spectacular obviously because I can't even really remember what happened!  Ha!  I know I planned ahead this year and made our cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.  In the past, Jarrod and I have made them together after the kids go to bed, but he always is so tired from working that I end up finishing them alone anyway, so why not knock them out early?  ;) When Jarrod got home, we Skyped with the Ohio fam and let the kids open the few presents they had from them.  We did Christmas in July so they shouldn't have had any gifts, but you know how that goes! :)  It was, of course, great to see them and spend some of Christmas with them. 

We had to do our traditional pictures in front of the tree, and that always includes me messing with the camera, trying to get the settings right.  We have such bad lighting in here, so I ended up saying 'screw it' and used auto mode for most of them.  Oh well.

Our holiday dinner was delish!  Ham with roasted veggies, sweet potato fries, and mac and cheese for the kids.  The kids had to tear through dinner quickly to get to present time!  We exchange family gifts on Christmas Eve. 

Riley got some My Little Pony toys, Lego Duplos from Gavin, new Frozen pajamas, and ballet and tap shoes.  Gavin received Minecraft toys, a TMNT from his sister, much needed pajamas, and a new soccer ball and net for the goal outside.  Both kids got new books, too.  Jarrod wasn't supposed to get much, but I got him some Ellen underwear to match what Mimi and Beepa bought for the kids, a Road ID to wear when he's out training alone, and I 'gifted' him my commitment to running the Half Marathon with him.  What was I thinking??? :)  He did a great job picking out new clothes like I asked - I got leggings, tunics, boot socks and a scarf. 
Another Christmas Eve tradition is a sleepover in Riley's room.  The kids love it, and I do, too.  Something so special about checking the monitor and seeing both of our babies sharing a bed.  I cherish those little things so much!

Can't wait for Christmas morning! :)